The holidays always carry family drama.

Gwen tried her conventional gratitude customized on Uncommon Joe Season 1 Episode 9, nevertheless drama ensued as a substitute.

The Kimbreau family had a conduct of holding onto outdated wounds and letting them explode or giving the chilly shoulder. Neither was environment friendly.

There have been so many parallels between the Cop Joe and the Rockstar Joe timelines.

To start, Cop Joe is contemplating getting additional important with Amy, whereas Rockstar Joe’s considering ending it throughout the completely different timeline.

Amy was so excited to help Gwen put collectively Thanksgiving and spend additional time collectively together with her.  That that they had such an very important scene when Gwen knowledgeable her about worrying Christopher Sr. on trip, and now she worries about Joe.

Amy had in no way thought-about that, nevertheless she impressed Joe to be a beat cop as soon as extra.

Joe and Celeste’s sibling relationship was entertaining, and hopefully, we’re going to see additional of it. In every timelines, she rushed in and attacked him with hugs. Celeste has a vibrant character.

She was eager to talk to Joe about Amy and Bobby. She assumed that that widespread rockstar would cheat, not Amy.  Since she’s the nosy huge sister, she requested how prolonged it had been since he and Amy had intercourse.

Celeste acknowledged that Joe and Amy wished to discuss whether or not or not they may heal from this or within the occasion that that they had been headed in course of a divorce.

That’s what I’ve realized throughout the sum full of treatment that you just paid for…you should discuss it.


Celeste hinted they grew up spherical emotional baggage, so Joe has a difficult time processing his emotions.

Every Gwen and Amy had been amused with how Celeste attacked Joe with hugs throughout the Cop Joe timeline. Like a nosy older sister, this time she requested Joe when he was going to recommend to Amy.

The two siblings went once more on the roof and talked as soon as extra. Joe hated that Gwen popped into and out of his life so sometimes.

Gwen truly appeared to love Joe nevertheless had factors with the family. She inquired how important he was about Amy.

Joe: How do know when points are getting truly important?
Celeste: When you should ask someone within the occasion that they’re getting truly important.

It was ironic that Celeste was giving Joe advice at first and the highest of his relationship with Amy.

Will Joe’s marriage to Amy survive? Amy was eager to give up each little factor, collectively together with her advertising marketing campaign to avoid wasting plenty of her marriage. She loves Joe and regretted her one-night stand.

I do know I injury you, Joe. I am so sorry. It was a one-time mistake. Joe, I like you a large number.

Amy felt lonely after the miscarriage and thought Joe was having an affair with Jenny. These two have had so many miscommunication factors. If they’re going to pull through this, their marriage might very effectively be stronger than ever.

However, Joe remained so chilly and distant. He lastly agreed to nonetheless play at Amy’s advertising marketing campaign fundraiser, nevertheless that was a disaster too.

Amy had merely realized that Regina was working in the direction of her, so she talked about being grateful that people nonetheless supported her.

The gang wished to take heed to Joe and requested one amongst his earliest hits. Amy remarked that it was his first tune, and he wrote it regarding the two of them.

She confessed she fell in love with him the first time she heard it, and he or she couldn’t wait to take heed to it reside as soon as extra. As Joe sang it, tears streamed every of their faces.

He turned so emotional that he couldn’t even finish it and wanted to go away the stage. These two nonetheless love each other, nevertheless are they executed?

Amy: Are we broken?
Joe: I don’t know Amy, maybe we’re.

The drama at Cop Joe’s Thanksgiving was even worse. Uncle Frank started it, and Celeste accomplished it.

Uncle Frank blamed Joe and Amy for his suspension after which purchased mad that Joe decided to be a beat cop as soon as extra. The fireworks purchased worse since Joe wished to be like his dad, and Celeste blurted out that their dad wasn’t a saint.

She remembered him breaking the gratitude turkey and dropping his temper when she decided to forgo college. Have been there secrets and techniques and strategies throughout the Kimbreau family? Was this why Uncle Frank drank, and Joe buried his feelings?

Joe escaped the family dinner, nevertheless he may have adopted his dad’s footsteps when he entered a burning setting up to avoid wasting plenty of a youthful boy.

It’s disappointing now that Jenny left for regulation faculty that her storyline is form of non-existent. She adopted her dream nevertheless in no way purchased to see her family.

She was afraid to return again for the holidays since she purchased offered a pro-bono case and had a troublesome start collectively together with her professor.

Joe was struggling at dwelling, so he and Chris wished to hunt out an aide that meshed with every of them.

Kinsley match correct in, even at Thanksgiving dinner, nevertheless will they develop to be higher than mates as Jenny is gone longer?

Eric moreover found many points to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Sal admitted to him that he was HIV constructive nevertheless healthful. It was very important to Sal that Eric knew the truth, and Eric values honesty, so he was so grateful.

He and Amy had been grateful they’d spent rather a lot time with Chris not too long ago as a result of it impressed them to undertake a toddler. Is it odd that Amy seems additional eager to have youngsters in several timelines or with completely different people?

Eric and Mallory requested Joe to be the godfather to their twins. I like their Eric is perhaps a dad in all three timelines.

The autumn finale of Uncommon Joe ended with so many questions. We’ve got to know if Cop Joe survived the hearth and positioned happiness with Amy in a single timeline.

That cliffhanger that Amy’s most likely pregnant with a late Bobby Diaz’s youngster will complicate points throughout the Rockstar Joe universe.

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