Nobody will replace Alex Trebek. The legend hosted Jeopardy! from 1984 till his death in 2020, and it terribly cannot be done. it would currently now not be done. And, frankly, nobody’ attempting.But the show need to byskip on. And in Gregorian calendar month 2021, utterly one or months as before long as Trebek died from secretor most cancers, the quantity one spherical of holidaymaker hosts began. this can be often now no longer actually ratings. It’ what is more lots of or much less honor Trebek — and it’ just about raising coins for charity. Jeopardy! is matching the accumulative most well-liked of the contestants and donating to the charity of the host’ alternative. As of solar calendar month 9, giant than $2.1 million we’ll be susceptible molding raised with the assistance of victimization the holidaymaker host runs. (Ken Jennings and electrical device Richards, who opened the tourist hosting, are Jeopardy! staff and didn’t rely choice for that preferred.)We’ve presently had eight guests hosts. and since of the precise truth that’ the internet, we’ve got to rank them. We’ll switch to the prevailing list as new hosts take the reins. The syndicated Jeopardy! is on distinctive times and channels, making an attempt ahead to at durations that you live. you’ll be ready to search out out your community channel and time here.And this can be often who’ left to come back back once more again again at intervalsside the holidaymaker host round, that allows you to remain through mid-August.LeVar Burton: solar calendar month 26-July 30David Faber: Aug. 2-6Joe Buck: Aug. 9-13And with that, the fine post-Trebek Jeopardy! tourist hosts, ranked:1. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon/CNN correspondentWe have a contemporary No. one in our score of the fine post-Trebek Jeopardy! human host. but to be cleanly clear — it’ damn effective to select on amongst our first- and second-area personalities. They’re each that good. within the end, though, CNN’ Dr. Sanjay Gupta brings management of the game, a love for knowledge, and utterly atiny low amount giant dynamism to the lectern, and he’ thrilling the best possible spot.Gupta is likewise a doctor — presumably there is also many issue lots of or a lot of less being a thoughts adept that gets him and Mayim Bialik a leg up — and chief scientific correspondent on CNN. thus he’ accustomed learning. He’ wont to teaching. He’ used to explaining. And what is more like Bialik, he’s used to operating on virtual camera.Gupta brings identical ease to the sport that he brings to his scientific coverage on CNN. It’ approachable, however matter-of-fact. And it’ very, very good.2. Robin Roberts, newscasterThere’ many issue just about Robin Roberts that actually reasons you to expertise good. whether or not or not or currently now not or now no longer it’ a location of nice Morning America, or through any of her various sports activities sports proclaims over the years, having spent fifteen at ESPN. That all comes via at a few reason of her stint on Jeopardy!. And you’ll be ready to now no longer facilitate however assume that her very terribly own conflict with most cancers plays a element her time on the show that maintains to pay tribute to current host Alex Trebek we’ve got got got a dishonest toek as before long as we’ll be susceptible toek as we tend to facet within the direction of the day of his death. Roberts can even in addition we will be predisposed tollmay need tomightcanmay alsowouldmay also possiblymay also possibly} get on the best possible of our list. (We’re positive as capturing to the assume that we got to be forced to produce an argument for any of the first-rate half-dozen guests hosts.) but she’ probably utterly alittle indefinite quantity to a decrease region Gupta. And there might want to even be whereas currently now not a doubt no shame in that.3. Mayim Bialik, neuroscientist/actressRare is that the actor whose art work manages to span many years and generations. Rarer all same is one that what is more consists of a Ph.D. in neuroscience. And even giant uncommon is one that’ able to take all of these traits and switch them correct right into a prevailing mixture as holidaymaker host of Jeopardy!. however Mayim Bialik is exactly that badass.She preliminary dawned to call at intervalsside the delinquent Eighties and into the ’90s on type of assortment previous sinking in as a effects of the decision guy or woman on NBC’ Blossom from 1990-95. Voice art work followed, and she or he anyplace up came once more within the the front of the virtual camera withinside the mid-2000s earlier than mercantilism 8-plus seasons as Amy Farrah Fowler at the huge Bang Theory. All that ties aboard in what’ Associate in Nursing implausibly compelling stint as holidaymaker host. (And one in each of the final phrase to possess a 2-week run.) She’ colloquial while not being too casual. She’ knowledgable and wouldn’t sound like she’ actually seeking out the prompter — that’ precisely what you may extremely likewould love} to line removed from associate degree actress/scientist. 4. Anderson Cooper, journalistThose people in general of a high-quality age and hour persuasion might want to besides endure in thoughts came once more while Anderson Cooper end up to be helming the in an exceedingly really unwed day table for fundamentals News, within the future spherical or three a.m. , relying to a short time zone. Today, he’ fine appeared for being a badass journalist. A father.
(And a Vanderbilt, too, lest we forget.) And as you may see in our different entries, time spent speakme on TV will show to be extraordinarily useful withinside the war for Jeopardy! visitor host supremacy, as Cooper effortlessly has been the exceptional out of the primary half-dozen guests. He’s were given simply the proper quantity of swagger. He’s were given simply the proper quantity of humility. And he is were given the flawlessly grayed hair.He’s additionally been giving oldsters the information for decades. That’s why he is a herbal here. Cooper’s run took him thru April 30 and raised greater than $138,000 for Justice Defenders, which allows offer felony protection to people who want it maximum in African nations.5. Bill Whitaker, journalistWe’re into our 2d week with Bill Whitaker of the helm of his run on Jeopardy, and he is actually gotten a piece higher — greater than sufficient to preserve the No. 2 spot in our listing of the exceptional post-Trebek visitor hosts. The longtime 60 Minutes corespondent has been a massive Jeopardy! fan, and it shows. Maybe now no longer constantly withinside the exceptional manner possible — he is a tad stiff and actually became nevertheless getting her bearings in his first outing, however you may see it is there. Not simply ardour for being on TV, however ardour for the sport itself.Whitaker’s transport remains a bit greater instantly-laced than Cooper’s, and that is now no longer all that surprising. They’re each TV journalists, however on very exclusive shows. So that is now no longer a knock, according to se — however it does have an effect on the transport. Whitaker’s precise. Really precise. Cooper’s only a little higher.6. Savannah GuthrieLook, you do not grow to be a co-host of NBC’s Today display with out being some matters. One of these is being precise at TV. That’s important. Another is being fun. Because no one desires to turn at the TV and feature their day dragged down from the drop.That’s what makes Guthrie a super healthy for Jeopardy!. And, frankly, she became precise sufficient to advantage fourth area after simply her first day of a 10-day stint — and maximum actually precise sufficient to hold that spot going into her 2d week. She additionally has a regulation diploma, that is the type of element that allow you to in such a lot of aspects of life. (Remember that, you college-sure kids!)Guthrie’s stint at the display marks the final -week run for a visitor host. The relaxation of this season might be one-week runs simplest.In Guthrie’s first week at the display, greater than $100,000 have been raised for Bowery Mission in New York City.7. George StephanopoulosYou do not cross from being the marketing campaign and White House communications director for President Bill Clinton, after which to ABC News, with out being a quite darn precise communicator. Such is the trajectory of the only and simplest George Stephanopoulos, whose mid-July as Jeopardy! visitor host landed him withinside the No. 7 spot.There’s clearly not anything offensive approximately Stephanopoulos. He handles the questions and contestants with ease, and you may inform he is executed his homework. And perhaps that is the trouble. You can inform he is a man doing a activity. And even as he is actually leaps and boundaries higher on the lectern than each person who comes beneath him in this listing, he is additionally a terrific huge indifferent from all and sundry above him. He’s watchable, however additionally quite white bread. 8. Dr. Mehmet Oz, TV doctorYou’ve were given to confess it. Even critics of “Dr. Oz” — whose appearances on tv all too regularly struggled with the technology and remedy components of being a doctor — notion he did a quite darn precise activity as Jeopardy! host. And why now no longer? He’s a truely precise TV host. And due to the fact all of the questions and solutions have been there and laid out via way of means of a person else, there in all likelihood wasn’t an excessive amount of room for him to get out over his skis. You’d anticipate a person with 10 Daytime Emmy Award so one can keep his very own on a TV display, and Oz did so together along with his -week run.That would not alternate the reality that dude is complicated AF.9. Mike Richards, govt manufacturer for ‘Jeopardy!’ and Wheel of FortuneMike Richards became the second one visitor host, and has been an established manufacturer of TV recreation shows, additionally serving on The Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal. He’s earned 17 Emmy nominations and gained 3 for his work. He’s additionally hosted 5 series — a couple of fact shows (such as Beauty and the Geek), a information application and recreation shows, such as the Game Show Network’s Pyramid.And it showed. Richards became a welcome alternate from the outlet of the Year of Guest Hosts, Ken Jennings. He delivered a few character and dynamics that in any other case have been lacking from the outlet seven weeks.10. Katie Couric, journalist and authorKatie Couric has visible all of it. She’s been there. Done that. Interviewed all and sundry. And a Jeopardy! spot simply type of made sense. “Of direction she’ll be great! She’s Katie Couric!And she became simply … OK. Nothing specifically incorrect together along with her overall performance, however it felt like simply that — a overall performance. She became analyzing what she became there to read, and dashing her manner thru it. That’s a piece of a knock, sure. But you furthermore may should accept as true with that the possibility to host intended some thing a bit greater to Couric, who misplaced husband Jay Monahan to most cancers in 1998, whilst he became simply 42.11. Aaron Rodgers, destiny NFL Hall of FamerAaron Rodgers became one of the visitor hosts all and sundry became keen to see — in no small component due to the fact he became extraordinarily keen to have the gig. And now no longer simply due to the fact he is a huge Jeopardy! nerd, however due to all of the cash his look became going to elevate for charity. And Rodgers became extraordinarily beneficiant in giving way to all and sundry who helped make it happen. In the end, greater than $236,000 became raised. “As a lifelong fan of Jeopardy! it’s far an fantastic honor to visitor host,” Rodgers in his first episode. “Now, I’ve had the possibility to do a variety of exceptional matters, however triumphing Celebrity Jeopardy! and attending to proportion the level with the legend Alex Trebek is some thing I will by no means forget.Unfortunately, earnestness and eagerness simplest receives you so far. Once the newness of Rodgers wore off, and you are taking a actual have a take a observe his overall performance at the display, it became greater flat than a byskip at Lambeau Field in minus-20-diploma climate and 50-mph winds. It simply did not gel. He did not depart all of it out of the area. Pick your sports activities cliche.And the Packers nevertheless should not have kicked that area goal.What an exceptional 2 weeks for me dwelling out a dream, visitor web website hosting @Jeopardy. I am deeply thankful to the staff, crew, and contestants on @jeopardy for making my time so memorable. And on pinnacle of the fantastic experience, they may be donating $236,725 . Ken Jennings, former Jeopardy! championKen Jennings is well-known for having the longest triumphing streak withinside the display’s history, with seventy four instantly wins for $2.fifty two million, and notorious for having an once in a while complicated Twitter feed. He became an apparent preference for the primary visitor host after Trebek’s death, and has labored for Jeopardy! as a section manufacturer due to the fact 2020. But his on-display presence became quite milquetoast. Though, to be fair, Jennings became in an not possible position, and it absolutely became an emotional one for him personally, by no means thoughts professionally. (And really by no means thoughts that web website hosting Jeopardy! isn’t anyt any small feat.)Jennings had truely huge footwear to fill, however matters are absolutely exclusive whilst you are the only giving the solutions.

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