The Season 5 Finale of Virgin River Simply Dropped A number of Bombshells and We Should Talk about

The Season 5 Finale of ‘Virgin River’ Just Dropped Multiple Bombshells and We Must Discuss

As they put together to go out, they run into Kaia and Preacher. Seconds later, Kaia takes a piece name and he or she’s assigned to a brand new case, which simply so occurs to be an investigation into the stays of a useless physique discovered close to a service highway by Aldergrove. She says the physique has been there some time, indicating somebody in all probability buried it there. Oh crap. Flashback to Preacher burying Wes’s physique. “So much for a sleepy small town,” Kaia says. Oh honey, you have not seen something.

After which the reveals begin coming quick and livid. We see Charmaine strolling to the automobile, holding her pregnant stomach when a person holding a cane and strolling with a limp approaches. It’s Calvin, who apparently didn’t die within the explosion in season 4. “I thought you were dead!” Charmaine exclaims. “So did the person who tried to kill me,” he says nonchalantly. She asks what he needs, and he says, “You know what I want. I want to be a father to my boys.” Holy $@!*!

Then Mel and Jack pull as much as Lilly’s farm, which in fact remains to be in ashes from the hearth. Mel reveals Jack that the swing remains to be standing and remarks what a miracle it’s. Mel reminds him of the primary time she got here there with him, and we get a flashback of Mel and Jack in season one, the place she says her dream was to have an enormous farmhouse and fill it with youngsters. Within the current, she says, “What if that time was now? [Because] if your dream is to build us a home, I can’t think of a better place to do it than here. We can fill it with our kids, however they come, whenever they come.” Jack takes a deep breath and says, “I think it’s perfect,” earlier than including that it will even be the right place to get married.

However that’s not all. Within the subsequent scene, which, no, is just not a preview of the upcoming vacation episodes, however as a substitute nonetheless a part of the finale, “Jingle Bells” is enjoying, and it’s wintertime. Mel and Jack are outdoors adorning the cabin and Mel is on the telephone along with her sister. Joey and the youngsters are coming for his or her first Virgin River Christmas, however when she was searching for previous stockings to deliver with them, Joey discovered another stuff combined in with their mother’s decorations. ”You’re not going to imagine this,” Joey says, “but I found this whole stack of postcards and letters addressed to Mom from Virgin River.”

Within the glimpse of the letters, considered one of them is signed “Champ” and one other reads, “All I ever wanted was for you to be happy. And if that means returning to your husband, then I will find a way to make my peace with that.”

Mel—and myself—are confused. “What?” Mel exclaims. “Mom knew someone from Virgin River?” This now has Jack’s consideration, who can also be instantly intrigued. Joey says she’s been studying these letters all morning they usually’re love letters. The truth is, “Mom was having an affair with someone in Virgin River, and I think this guy might be your father,” she says. Mel scoffs at first, however that is all we get earlier than the fade to black.

And, that my buddies, is what we have now to wrap our heads round earlier than Virgin River returns on November 30. Might Doc be Mel’s father? Or is that too apparent? Is it somebody we have met earlier than (I say in all probability), or somebody new? (And no, I cannot entertain the potential for Mel and Jack sharing a father, so let’s not even go there.) Additionally, when in God’s identify did Charmaine sleep with Calvin and why? And is Kaia inadvertently going to make Preacher’s life a residing hell?

Buckle up. We have got so much to sit up for.

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