Amid the escalating drama surrounding new hospital proprietor Salen, and Morgan deciding whether or not or not or to not fart in entrance of newest boyfriend Park, Monday’s episode of The Good Doctor moreover hinted at potential wedding ceremony ceremony drama for Shaun and Lea.
All of it began when Lea went to mail the save the dates and stumbled upon an envelope addressed to Marcie Murphy — aka Shaun’s mom. Fairly than mail it, Lea slipped the envelope once more into her purse and returned to work, the place she consulted a presumably gassy Morgan.
“I would love our day to be regarding the future, not the earlier,” Lea said, reminding Morgan that the ultimate time Shaun seen his mom was when his dad died. “I don’t want to reopen earlier wounds and hazard him melting down correct sooner than I stroll down the aisle.”

“You’ve on no account handled Shaun with little one gloves,” Morgan recommended. “No wish to start coddling him now.”
Lea went to Shaun to talk it over. Sadly, her timing couldn’t have been worse (#SalenDrama), so she tabled that dialogue and sought Glassman’s suggestion throughout the interim. Nonetheless Glassman, who was feeling defeated in his new place as figurehead president, had no phrases of data for his surrogate son’s future bride. It was as a lot as her to learn the way biggest to deal with the matter.
It was over karaoke and tequila that Lea lastly confronted her future husband about inviting Mama Murphy:
“Shaun, I didn’t mail the save the date card to your mom… on account of I don’t want to invite her,” she said. “I actually really feel reminiscent of you two nonetheless have hundreds to work by way of, which it is best to, nonetheless I would love our wedding ceremony ceremony to be fulfilling. I don’t want to complicate it with any ache from the earlier.”
“The wedding books said I wanted to ask her,” Shaun responded. “Have been they unsuitable?”
“Maybe on this case,” Lea answered. “Would you be OK not having her there?”
“Positive,” Shaun suggested her. “Very.”
Shaun with Mom and Dad in Season 3
And so, catastrophe averted… for now. Nonetheless it optimistic does seem potential that the medical drama will open which will of worms sooner comparatively than later — significantly after not discussing Marcie or the potential of her reentering Shaun’s life in nearly two years.
“There’s potential to revisit his relationship collectively along with his mom, fully,” authorities producer David Shore suggested TVLine in December 2019, when requested if Marcie’s ultimate look was meant to produce closure. “I imagine ‘closure’ is a time interval that doesn’t suggest as lots as we wish it to suggest.”
As for the ultimate dialog Shaun and Marcie had regarding Marcie’s shortcomings as a mother, Shore added: “It is undoubtedly a lovely second between Shaun and his mother. It presents him an opportunity to get options from her that he hasn’t gotten sooner than, and on some stage, accept her options and her errors. It’s a kind of closure, nonetheless points are on no account that easy.”

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