The Finest Mullet Haircut Appears For Males – High Hairstyles In 2023

The Best Mullet Haircut Looks For Men – Top Hairstyles In 2023 | FashionBeans

So that you’ve at all times been within the mullet haircut, and who may blame you? It’s higher often called the “Business at the front, party in the back” haircut. The final vibe is a brief lower on the perimeters with an extended size on high. The hair on the again can be lengthy and flows down into the well-known traditional ‘tail’. Nonetheless, these specific males’s haircuts have a stunning quantity of variations to select from, we’re right here to interrupt them down for you. 

1. Trendy Mullet Haircut

If the mullet has at all times you however you are worried it’s just a little too 80s, it’s your fortunate day, as a result of the mullet is again and greater than ever. Even with the fashionable reboot, there’s an opportunity that the mullet your favourite superstar rocked again within the day is related once more. The brand new fashionable mullet has an extended size on the highest and again and the perimeters are barely light up, with out an excessive amount of of a tail.

@tsharperlines / Instagram

2. Quick Mullet Haircut

Mullets don’t at all times should contain lengthy hairstyles. This look is delicate, there’s a easy fade between the lengthy hair on the highest and a brief haircut on the perimeters with only a trace of an elongation in direction of the tail. 

Short Mullet Haircut
@silvy_dimitri / Instagram

3. Shag Mullet Haircut

The shag mullet is “out there” that’s for certain. It’s messy and sometimes roughly styled with wax or males’s pomade, the highest and sides are lengthy with a kind of bowl lower however the again is left lengthy, however nonetheless messy, so it may contact the shoulders. 

Shag Mullet Haircut
@delilah_hair_studio / Instagram

4. Takuache Mullet Haircut

For this smooth look, hair across the brow and face is combed forwards into a pointy line throughout the brow and the hair on the facet (earlier than the ears) has a clear pores and skin fade. The hair behind the ears and down the again is left lengthy and straight.

Takuache Mullet Haircut
@edy_b_nice / Instagram

5. 80s Mullet Haircut

That is the “inspired by dad” mullet. The hair on high is left lengthy and shaggy and the perimeters are shaved all the way down to the pores and skin and blended into the highest. The again is often excessively lengthy and sometimes has a curly coiffure look.

80's Mullet Haircut
@kotlumhair / Instagram

6. Curly Mullet Haircut 

This lower wants quantity and depth to achieve success. The hair on high, on the crown, and across the again is identical size whereas the perimeters are lower brief, however not all the way down to the pores and skin, and isn’t light into the highest. 

Curly Mullet Haircut
@frazerhair / Instagram

7. Pale Mullet haircut 

This has lots of fading, the perimeters and across the again of the ears in direction of the bottom of the cranium are all shaved. These sides are then light into the lengthy center part of hair working down the center and again of the top.

Faded Mullet Haircut
@adribarbeiro / Instagram

8. Reverse Mullet Haircut

This lower is precisely what it says on the tin, a mullet, in reverse, typically additionally referred to as ‘mop top’. The entrance of the hair is lengthy and sometimes straight down the facet of the face, nearly like a facet fringe and the again is brief and generally even utterly shaved. 

Reverse Mullet Haircut
@zaebis.haircuts / Instagram

9. Jeff Wittek Mullet Haircut

Jeff Wittek is a comic, however he’s made his mark within the hair world too. His lower is lengthy and layered on the highest with shaven sides that aren’t light into the highest hair. The lengthy high flows backward into the wavy coiffure on the again. 

Jeff Wittek Mullet Haircut
@jeffsbarbershops / Instagram

10. Korean Mullet Haircut

This lower wants quantity, so having thick hair will work the perfect. The entrance is commonly lengthy and turns into a fringe, the again is layered and the hair on the base is often thinned out across the neck.

Korean Mullet Haircut
@richardmewengkang / Instagram

11. Mohawk Mullet Haircut

For this eye-catching look, the perimeters and across the again of the ears have a fade all the way down to the pores and skin. The remaining hair, the mohawk part, is lengthy and often straight, it runs from the hairline throughout the brow, again and down the center of the cranium. The tail is often left lengthy and may attain excessive lengths.

Mohawk Mullet Haircut
@salonhairchi / Instagram

12. Clear Mullet Haircut

Very like the brief mullet, this model is delicate and supreme should you aren’t certain if you’d like a mullet but. The one distinction is that this mullet has much less of a fade on the facet, making a extra pure look.

Clean Mullet Haircut
@talkingheadzsalon / Instagram

13. Nation Mullet Haircut

Its identify is taken from nearly all of nation singers which have had this look, the nation mullet tends to have a medium size throughout the highest and crown and with a delicate fade on the sides. Most significantly, the size from the crown and down is lengthy and often curly. 

Country Mullet Haircut
@karapetersonpro / Instagram

14. Redneck Mullet Haircut

Usually mixed with a mustache or some kind of facial hair. The hair on the perimeters and across the again of the ears is shaved practically all the way down to the pores and skin whereas the hair on the crown is brushed down to satisfy hair on the again is which is left lengthy and curly.

Redneck Mullet Haircut
@gregorythomashair / Instagram

15. Morgan Wallen Mullet Haircut

Morgan Wallen has an nearly nation mullet, in all probability as a result of he’s a rustic singer. The highest is lengthy and swept again and the perimeters are brief however not shaved. His lower has extra physique in direction of the again and across the neck which is extra noticeable from the entrance view.

Morgan Wallen Mullet Haircut
@morganwallen / Instagram

16. Permed Mullet haircut

This lower wants longer hair for the perm to work accurately after which layers down the pack to offer it an additional punch. Often, the perimeters are shaved too and light into the highest. The perm provides quantity and texture to the look.

Permed Mullet Haircut
@thebosofbeauty / Instagram

17. Gentle Mullet Haircut

That is another choice for somebody that desires to get a mullet, however not an excessively seen one, it’s delicate and delicate. The general size of the hair is roughly the identical and the perimeters are ever so barely shaved with a gradual mix into the highest. 

Soft Mullet Haircut
@annanewcombe_hair / Instagram

18. Okay-pop Mullet Haircut

Okay-pop has lengthy been identified for its number of mullets over time, they’ve gone from delicate to daring to edgy and again once more. The baseline mullet tends to be a straight lower throughout the brow, shaved sides that aren’t blended into the highest, and an extended size down the again till the neck.

K-Pop Mullet Haircut
@coteminam.sawyerchua / Instagram

19. Tapered Mullet Haircut

These mullets are very daring on the entrance, typically with a boxed kind of lower across the hairline. An important element is the tapering or fading of the perimeters into the highest a part of the hair.

Tapered Mullet Haircut
@devthebarber_cmb / Instagram

20. Flat High Mullet Haircut

As a rule, from the entrance angle, this look resembles the widespread brief sides and straight high lower, till you flip to the again. The hair on this mullet is for much longer in direction of the again and positively pertains to a standard mullet. 

Flat Top Mullet Haircut
@good_ol_barbershop / Instagram

21. Mullet Wolf Haircut

The wolf lower is a messier model of the mullet, the hair is layered across the face and there aren’t any brief sides. The layering continues across the head to create quantity and the hair is thinned out in direction of the tail. 

Mullet Wolf Haircut
@danieljsoller_liquid / Instagram

22. Traditional Mullet Haircut

The traditional mullet has a layered high with plenty of quantity, typically utilizing some type of product (strive males’s hair mousse), that’s then swept again and down right into a curly, however voluminous tail, on the again. 

Classic Mullet Haircut
@mensdeptbarbershop / Instagram

23. Layered Mullet Haircut

Getting layers at all times helps give thinner hair some quantity. The distinction within the size provides texture and that tends to be the final look of a mullet. Having a number of layers added to the again provides you with that supreme mullet look. 

Layered Mullet Haircut
@mancavebarbershopaus / Instagram

24. Mullet Haircut with Shaved Sides

This model has grow to be an increasing number of well-liked lately, the shaved sides give the mullet an edgy and masculine look, similar to the Edgar haircut‘s take on a mullet. The sides are completely shaved and not faded into the rest of the hair, leaving a bold separation line to create a striking contrast.

Mullet Haircut with Shaved Sides
@hall_salon / Instagram

25. Undercut Mullet Haircut

This look is slick and sleek. The idea of an undercut mullet is for the sides to be all one length and cut quite high above the ears but not faded into the top. The top of the hair is left long so it can be slicked back, spiked up, or combed over. 

Undercut Muller Haircut
@kjhairstyle / Instagram

26. Mullet Haircut with Bangs

The idea of a mullet with bangs is exactly what you would expect. It’s a standard mullet (lengthy high, light sides, and a voluminous again and tail) however with a contemporary addition of bangs. The bangs could be a straight lower throughout the brow or curtain bangs, whichever fits your model. 

Mullet Haircut with Bangs
@seamusokeeffe_ / Instagram

27. Mullet Haircut with Pompadour

This can be a conventional mullet with a splash of additional enjoyable on high. The perimeters are both shaved or light to magnify the additional size on high. Utilizing some matte wax you’ll be able to obtain some critical quantity within the pompadour haircut which makes this specific model fairly eye-catching. 

Mullet Haircut with Pompadour
@talkaboutyourhair / Instagram

28. Spiky Mullet Haircut

Supreme for brief however straight hair, the spiked mullet rocks the standard 80s look. The highest is lower brief however layered and requires some sturdy hair gel to attain the spikes. The crown can be layered to attain quantity and the again is left lengthy all the way down to the neck. 

Spiky Mullet Haircut
@joepeacockhair / Instagram

29. French Crop Mullet Haircut

A French crop is a lower that requires a straight ‘fringe’ to be lower throughout the brow and the remainder of the hair to be swept ahead from the crown, the perimeters are shaved. From the again of the crown, it’s left longer to attain the tail on the backside of the mullet. 

French Crop Mullet Haircut
@camila_highstylebarberia / Instagram

30. Mullet haircut with a Fake Hawk

As you may need guessed, this lower is similar to the mohawk mullet. The one distinction is that with the fake hawk you don’t shave the perimeters, they’re left barely longer so it’s not as excessive however the size on high continues to be so long as the mohawk. 

@aahhairanastasia / Instagram

Mullet Haircut FAQ:

What’s a mullet haircut?

A mullet is a haircut that’s brief on the perimeters and longer on the highest and again, making a ‘tail’ in direction of the bottom of the cranium. The perimeter could be down throughout the brow or set upright. 

Methods to model a mullet haircut?

This is dependent upon the number of mullet you’ve gotten however first deal with the perimeter. You possibly can set it down throughout the brow if it’s brief or up right into a pompadour. Add wax to texture and volumize the again and tail. Bear in mind to get common haircuts to maintain the shaved sides in verify. 

What does a mullet haircut appear to be?

The mullet haircut resembles a mohawk because of the shaved or light sides and the longer hair on the highest and again. The normal mullet has elongated hair in direction of the bottom of the cranium thus creating the well-known tail. 

What does a nasty mullet haircut appear to be?

Sadly, there are a number of methods a mullet could be lower flawed. If the perimeters aren’t correctly light into the highest, this may look significantly messy. If the layers aren’t correctly lower, it’s a really unforgiving look. 

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