Miami Cop Wearing Trump Mask at Polling Site Violated ‘Intimidation’ Policy

A Miami PD officer wearing a pro-Trump face mask at a polling location is facing calls for his suspension … and he’s clearly in hot water with the department. The cop was wearing the mask — which said “Trump 2020” and “No More Bulls**t” — on Tuesday while patrolling a government center that serves as a polling place. The officer was called out by Miami-Dade County Democratic Party chair Steve Simeonidis. Simeonidis says, “This is city funded voter intimidation” and wants the cop suspended immediately. The Miami PD says it’s…

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Kylie Jenner Wearing Hoodie in Video Boosts Designer’s Sales Tenfold

Exclusive Kylie Jenner‘s probably a muse for a lot of people, but one creative artist is especially feeling her influence as he watches his sales skyrocket … all because she wore a hoodie. Here’s what went down — the cosmetics mogul wore a hoodie made by Muse Clothing in a recent YouTube video to promote her new Summer Sailor Collection. Muse is a streetwear brand created by Antony Muse, who tells TMZ the hoodie Kylie wore in the vid was one-of-a-kind … and he has no idea how she got…

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