Voters in Long Lines Offered Discounts by Restaurants

Exclusive For those under-prepared voters waiting in long lines at the polls without lawn chairs or snacks, major restaurant chains are making sure they don’t go hungry … and they won’t lose their spot in line. Grubhub is partnering with big chains like 7-Eleven and Burger King to make sure voters stay fed and hydrated while waiting to cast their ballots on Election Day. It’s an idea as American as voting for president — fast food delivered at the touch of a button, and at a discount. Grubhub’s Election Day…

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Sen. Schumer Says Let Voters Wear Candidate Tees to Polls, Guns a ‘Bad Idea’

Play video content Sen. Chuck Schumer is weighing in on an odd fact about most polling places in America — where you cannot wear clothing with a candidate’s face or name, but CAN carry a firearm. The Senate Minority Leader was heading to his ride Thursday on Capitol Hill when we asked him about the rule banning voters from wearing t-shirts or caps hyping their candidate when they go to cast their vote. In theory, it’s about not coercing others to vote for your candidate … but when we…

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President Trump Confronted by Black Voters Over Medical Care, Race at Town Hall

Play video content ABC President Trump got grilled by voters who identify as undecided, and it was a far cry from his rallies as several of them held his feet to the fire on issues like healthcare and systemic racism … and didn’t back down. The Prez was challenged with many tough questions at an ABC News town hall in Philadelphia Tuesday night … in particular 2 undecided voters. Assistant Professor Ellesia Blaque told Trump how she has struggled with a preexisting medical condition all her life, adding it’s especially…

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