Kevin Bacon, Keke Palmer, Sterling K. Brown Encourage Voter Registration

Play video content Exclusive 100 million eligible voters did not cast a ballot in the 2016 election, and celebs like Kevin Bacon, Keke Palmer and Sterling K. Brown are determined to make sure those voices are finally heard. Kevin, Keke and Sterling put together some fun and informative videos to encourage eligible voters to make sure they’re registered this election, because 100 million people could have A LOT of sway. Kevin’s hilariously shaming folks into voting with a ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ twist, Sterling’s reminding Black voters why…

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Prepared Patriotic Voter Says Her Viral TikTok was Hot Tip for Seniors

Play video content Exclusive The super-prepared Texas voter who came equipped with her chair, her snacks and her “grown folks hair” to wait out a long poll line says her popular TikTok was actually an important PSA. Belinda Varnado tells TMZ … the purpose of her instantly viral clip was to make sure seniors, like herself, come prepared to make sure they don’t miss out on their opportunity to vote. She’s seen all the news about ridiculously long lines for early voting — where people have to wait for…

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Kylie Jenner Bikini Pic Has Insane Impact on Voter Registration

Exclusive Kylie Jenner is flexing her political influence in a very impressive way … turning your standard IG thirst trap into nearly 50,000 potential new registered voters! TMZ’s learned Kylie’s smoke show bikini pics — posted Monday — are drawing huge traffic for She used the caption of those sexy shots to direct her nearly 200 million Instagram followers to hit up the site, and so many obeyed … we’re told it saw a whopping 1500% boost from traffic driven via Instagram. There are more astronomical stats —…

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Tyler Perry Teams Up with Nonprofit to Boost Black Voter Turnout in Florida

Tyler Perry‘s part of a massive campaign targeting 25 counties and 250k Black residents in Florida … in a push to get them to the polls. The entertainment mogul’s teamed up with a Black-led nonpartisan group called Equal Ground Education Fund on its half a million-dollar “Park & Praise” initiative. The campaign includes a series of events where voters can drop off mail-in ballots while hearing from church leaders, musical acts and gospel choirs. Perry’s helping fund the effort — dubbed as bringing “Souls to the Polls” — to increase…

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