Al Roker Has Prostate Cancer, Will Undergo Surgery Next Week

[ad_1] Breaking News Al Roker‘s sharing some scary personal medical news … he’s been diagnosed with prostate cancer, but he’s taking aggressive steps to beat it. The longtime “Today” host and meteorologist announced it Friday morning on the air, and said he’s going to undergo surgery next week to have his prostate removed. Al said he learned about the diagnosis on September 30 but shared the news now to explain to viewers why he’ll be taking off some time for the surgery and recovery. Our friend and colleague @AlRoker reveals…

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Diego Maradona to Undergo Emergency Brain Surgery for Blood Clot

[ad_1] Breaking News Soccer legend Diego Maradona has been diagnosed with a blood clot on his brain and his doctors say they will perform emergency surgery ASAP. The 60-year-old Argentinian star was hospitalized Monday in his home country because he wasn’t feeling well — complaining of dehydration and depression. Doctors began running tests, including an MRI, which revealed a subdural hematoma — also known as a brain bleeds — usually caused by a traumatic head injury. If not treated, the bleeding and added pressure on the brain from the hematoma…

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