San Diego Man Threatens to Jump Off Top of Roller Coaster

Play video content Exclusive A guy is threatening to jump off the very top of a roller coaster in San Diego … and authorities have been unsuccessful thus far in talking him down. This is happening right now at what appears to be Belmont Park, atop the Giant Dipper attraction — also known as the Mission Beach Roller Coaster. As you can see, there’s a man up there at the highest peak (which is said to reach around 75 feet), looking out. He’s not in a car — doesn’t look…

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Tom Cruise Balances on Top of Speeding Train for ‘Mission Impossible’

Play video content @tomaspangelo / TikTok, @fotokjerring76 / Instagram Tom Cruise could be a little strapped for cash these days, because we’re thinkin’ he had issues paying for a train ticket, so he just rode from the top!!! Tom was in Norway filming the 7th installment of the “Mission Impossible” franchise, and he was true to form, riding on the top of a speeding train as some very impressed Norwegians followed the train in their car. The guys actually got Tom’s attention. The 58-year-old waved to the guys as he…

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