Kid Rock and John Daly Told to Wear Masks At Presidential Debate

Kid Rock and John Daly thought they’d be able to take in the Presidential Debate mask-free and within throwing distance from the stage … until a staffer caught them. The singer and PGA Pro — who attended Thursday night’s event to support President Trump — first took their seats sans mask. It didn’t take long until both men were approached by an employee working the event who had fresh masks for them both. Both John and Kid Rock finally obliged, we gotta imagine they would’ve been asked to leave if…

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Trump Blessed at Las Vegas Church, Pastor Says God Told Her He’ll Win Election

Play video content President Trump became part of the church-going crowd this weekend — and his presence moved a pastor to predict he’d get a 2nd win … and Trump returned the favor by telling the pastors they were rough around the edges. DT attended a service Sunday at the International Church of Las Vegas … with Pastors Paul and Denise Goulet officiated. It was quite the sight — Trump stood there awkwardly with his palms out, flanked by Hope Hicks and Kayleigh McEnany … nobody wearing masks. Right up…

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