Lesley Stahl Gets Security Due to Death Threat After Trump Interview

[ad_1] Exclusive The “60 Minutes” interview President Trump cut short over what he felt was unfair questioning from Lesley Stahl has left her, and her family, in a dangerous situation … TMZ has learned. Multiple sources tell us … CBS is now providing Stahl with around-the-clock security due to a death threat made to the home of one of her immediate family members on the west coast. Play video content We’re told the network has guards monitoring the homes of Lesley and her family members, and escorting them if they…

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Mike Pence Challenged By Leslie Stahl After Trump Bailed, ‘You’ve Insulted ’60 Minutes”

[ad_1] Play video content President Trump just released video of his failed “60 Minutes” interview where he just walked out and never came back, and when Leslie Stahl challenged Mike Pence as to why the Prez walked out and didn’t get an answer, she said they insulted her show. Play video content Mike Pence tried to steamroll through Leslie’s questions over Trump’s abrupt departure, but she wasn’t getting answers. As she put it, she got a bunch of campaign speeches from Trump and Pence, and that clearly frustrated her. As…

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