Man Crashes Porsche Taycan Turbo While Conducting Speed Test

Play video content Divert your eyes, Porsche lovers — this crash during a speed test of the new electric model is gonna hurt. A man in Turkey got behind the wheel this month of a Porsche Taycan Turbo S — it’s an all-electric whip, so it’s fast as hell, and he seemed so giddy about it he had a camera rolling. The speed test starts off just fine … topping out around 120 mph … but it had an ugly, dangerous ending. Less than 20 seconds after hitting the throttle…

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Lindsey Vonn Auctioning Ski Speed Suits For Charity, ‘Most Prized Possessions’

Lindsey Vonn is parting ways with her “most prized possessions” from her career … by auctioning off her iconic ski speed suits … and it’s all for charity!! The retired skiing superstar’s annual fundraiser was put on hold due to COVID-19 … but that couldn’t stop the folks at the Lindsey Vonn Foundation from helping out her cause, so she opened up her closet to raise money instead. “My jackets, helmets and WINNING RACE SUITS that I never wanted to part ways with will help support young girls and women…

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