Batman Debut Comic from 1939 Sells for $850k

[ad_1] Exclusive Batman was first revealed in a comic book way back in 1939, and though kids could have bought it then for 10 cents … a collector just paid $849,999.90 more to get his hands on one. Detective Comics No. 27 is the vintage comic in which the Caped Crusader makes his first appearance, and there are fewer than 70 copies still remaining in the world … according to online auction house ComicConnect. One of those copies just sold for a whopping $850k, making it the second-highest sale price…

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‘Edward Scissorhands’ Family Home Sells to Fans of the Film

[ad_1] A family of “Edward Scissorhands” fans scooped up the Boggs house featured in the movie, and instead of getting it at a slashed price … they ponied up a little extra to seal the deal. We broke the story … the Florida home used for exterior and interior shots in the 1990 Tim Burton cult classic — starring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder — went on the market last month for $224k, with new colors and renovations. It didn’t take long for it to generate interest from multiple buyers,…

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