Trump says at Michigan Rally, Pushing Around Protesters a “Beautiful Thing”

Play video content C-SPAN President Donald Trump gleefully told a crowd at a Michigan rally Saturday night … it puts a smile on his face to see police push around protesters. Trump told his cheering supporters there is “something very beautiful … watching everybody get pushed around,” referring to the way the National Guard responded to protesters in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd. Trump gloated his comments were not “politically correct” but then dog-whistled to the crowd … “You people get it; you get it probably better than…

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Dr. Oz Pushing for More Black Doctors, Says it’s a Life or Death Matter

Play video content Exclusive Dr. Oz is appalled, and embarrassed, by stats like Black newborns are 3 times more likely to die under the care of white doctors — and now he’s on a mission to do something about it. The doc joined “TMZ Live” on Tuesday to explain why he launched the #moreBlackdoctors initiative as part of his effort to raise awareness about racial bias in hospitals. He told us how one of his staffers opened his eyes to the Black community’s view of the medical field. Oz,…

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