Rudy Giuliani’s Hand in His Pants in New ‘Borat’ Scene

Rudy Giuliani might have some ‘splaining to do about an apparently compromising scene in Sacha Baron Cohen‘s new ‘Borat’ installment. President Trump‘s adviser admits he got duped into shooting the scene back in July — he’d agreed to be interviewed in NYC by a conservative news outlet, which was really just a setup for “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.” Well, now we know what happened in the scene and it’s jaw-dropping. According to Vanity Fair — which has seen the movie in advance — Giuliani meets up with Borat’s daughter, who’s posing…

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Dodgers’ Walker Buehler Suffocates Legs In Super Tight Pants, What’s the Deal?!

Breaking News How did Walker Buehler fit into those super tight pants?!!? Seriously — the Dodgers pitcher’s pants were so tight during Monday’s playoff game against the Braves, it was trending on social media!! Was it a fashion statement? Did someone misplace your usual pants? Was it uncomfortable? Growth spurt? SO MANY QUESTIONS!! The problem … the Dodgers ended up losing the game 5 to 1 and Walker was in a pretty bad mood afterward. So, when a reporter asked Walker for a tight-pants explanation — the pitcher shut the…

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