Chris Jericho Donates $2K To Wrestler Who Snapped Both Legs In Ring

Exclusive Details Touching gesture from Chris Jericho … the AEW superstar donated $2,000 to a man who snapped both his legs performing a stunt in the wrestling ring. The violent and gruesome injury happened this past weekend … when amateur wrestler Justin attempted to jump off the top rope of a makeshift backyard ring and onto the mat. **WARNING — THIS VIDEO IS VERY DISTURBING AND YOU CAN’T UNSEE IT. PLEASE, REALLY THINK ABOUT IT BEFORE YOU WATCH. ** I had to see it on my timeline. Now it’s your…

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Dodgers’ Walker Buehler Suffocates Legs In Super Tight Pants, What’s the Deal?!

Breaking News How did Walker Buehler fit into those super tight pants?!!? Seriously — the Dodgers pitcher’s pants were so tight during Monday’s playoff game against the Braves, it was trending on social media!! Was it a fashion statement? Did someone misplace your usual pants? Was it uncomfortable? Growth spurt? SO MANY QUESTIONS!! The problem … the Dodgers ended up losing the game 5 to 1 and Walker was in a pretty bad mood afterward. So, when a reporter asked Walker for a tight-pants explanation — the pitcher shut the…

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