San Diego Man Threatens to Jump Off Top of Roller Coaster

Play video content Exclusive A guy is threatening to jump off the very top of a roller coaster in San Diego … and authorities have been unsuccessful thus far in talking him down. This is happening right now at what appears to be Belmont Park, atop the Giant Dipper attraction — also known as the Mission Beach Roller Coaster. As you can see, there’s a man up there at the highest peak (which is said to reach around 75 feet), looking out. He’s not in a car — doesn’t look…

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Tatum O’Neal Allegedly Suicidal, Threatened to Jump Off Balcony

Exclusive Tatum O’Neal was allegedly suicidal at a Los Angeles area home, so cops responded and she was placed on a psychiatric hold … law enforcement sources tell TMZ. We’re told police and fire responded last month to a call for a suicidal person, after Tatum allegedly threatened to jump off a balcony. Our sources say the ‘Bad News Bears’ star was transported to a local hospital once help arrived, and she was eventually placed on a psychiatric hold for further evaluation. It’s a pretty scary situation, especially considering Tatum’s…

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