Lil Dicky Goes Fully Nude to Encourage Voting, Endorses Biden

Play video content @lildickygram / Instagram Lil Dicky‘s taking off all his clothes — except for a tube sock on his lil dicky — to encourage everyone to vote, and to reveal who he’s endorsing for President. The star of “Dave” has joined the latest celebrity trend of stripping down naked to express the importance of the 2020 election and the battle between President Trump and Joe Biden. Lil Dicky’s taking it a step further, however — not only with the amount of nudity he’s seemingly comfortable with to get…

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Kourtney Kardashian Endorses Kanye for President, Twitter Erupts

Kim Kardashian hasn’t endorsed a candidate for the Presidential election — despite the fact her husband, Kanye West, is running — but now her sis, Kourtney Kardashian, is endorsing him and catching major heat for it. Kourtney posted a photo sporting a “Vote for Kanye” hat Thursday … seemingly encouraging her more than 100 million social media followers to get behind a candidate who will only appear on the ballot in 12 states. She also included a link to his merch website where fans can purchase that hat for $40.…

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