‘Kobe’ And ‘Gianna’ Baby Names On The Rise In Wake Of Tragic Deaths

Breaking News New parents across the U.S. are honoring Kobe and Gianna Bryant in a BIG way … experts say babies with the names “Kobe” and “Gianna” have risen dramatically in 2020. According to BabyCenter, there’s been a huge increase in newborns with the names since the NBA legend and his daughter tragically died in a helicopter crash in January. Per the site — which gets its data from over 500,000 new babies that were registered to the site this year — “Kobe” vaulted from #595 on the list in…

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Coronavirus Vaccine Could Result in Half a Million Shark Deaths

A possible COVID-19 vaccine relies on shark livers, and conservationists are warning it could decimate the shark population. A British pharmaceutical company called GlaxoSmithKline currently manufactures a flu vaccine, which includes shark squalene, which is a natural oil produced in the liver. It’s known to create a strong response from the recipient’s immune system. The company plans to produce A BILLION DOSES of a coronavirus vaccine, which would include shark squalene. An environmental group called Shark Allies, claims a quarter-of-a-million sharks would have to be killed to produce the necessary…

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