Giants QB Daniel Jones Trips and Falls During 80-Yard Run, Clowned Online

Breaking News He could … go … all … the … wait, did he just trip and fall?!! Yep, NY Giants QB Daniel Jones tripped over his own two feet Thursday night while heading for a wide-open end zone while playing the Philadelphia Eagles. Jones had taken off from his own 12-yard line and quickly found daylight — tucking the ball and sprinting 80 yards with ZERO defenders in the area to stop him! All he had to do was walk the final 8 yards and he would’ve scored a…

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NFL’s Marcus Peters Clowned Over Strip Club Answer On ‘Family Feud,’ ‘Panties?!’

Breaking News Name the first thing a stripper takes off … That was a topic on an NFL players edition of “Family Feud” Thursday night … and Marcus Peters‘ answer was so bad — the Baltimore Ravens star was clowned like hell over it!!! Here’s how it went down … Peters was facing off with Adrian Peterson when Steve Harvey asked the two, “What’s the first thing a stripper takes off?” Peters — confident as hell — buzzed in and blurted out, “Panties!” PANTIES?! The answer was immediately hit with…

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