NYPD Cop Blasts ‘Trump 2020’ Over Car Loudspeaker

Play video content Exclusive Details @itsa_talia, @thumpio / Twitter 8:16 AM PT — DCPI spokesperson tells TMZ, “The matter is under investigation. The NYPD plans to come to an expedient resolution.” An NYPD cop wanted to make his presidential preferences known, and he’s Team Trump all the way. The incident went down in Flatbush where you hear the cop on the loudspeaker repeatedly say, “Trump 2020.” Someone starts filming the cop and challenges him to say it again … he does, and it triggers the guy who’s shooting the video,…

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‘Schitt’s Creek’ Star Dan Levy Blasts Comedy Central India Over Gay Kiss Censorship

4:18 PM PT — Dan Levy wants to make one thing VERY clear, his heat is on a channel in India. CC in America has been, “lovely and respectful.” I thought I made this pretty clear but for those who are confused, this is about a channel in India. @ComedyCentral in America is not censoring the show. They have been lovely and respectful. Thank you for your time. ✌🏼🙃 — dan levy (@danjlevy) October 6, 2020 @danjlevy “Schitt’s Creek” co-creator and star Dan Levy is pissed with Comedy Central ……

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