Justin Bieber Emerges From Video Shoot in Just Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs

[ad_1] Exclusive Justin Bieber was burning the midnight oil for a new music video — and it looks like the guy scorched off his pants in the process … plus the rest of his clothes, sans underwear. The Biebs was filming Friday in DTLA, where we’re told he and the crew had been pulling an all-nighter that had gotten started even earlier in the day. Basically, it was a beast of a shoot — and you can tell by the way Justin celebrated after they presumably wrapped. As you can…

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Justin Bieber Sues 2 Social Media Users Accusing Him of Sexual Assault for Defamation

[ad_1] Justin Bieber‘s going after 2 social media users — whom he suggests might be the same person — for accusing him of sexual assault, claiming the allegations are “factually impossible” and part of a scheme to seek attention and fame. Bieber is suing 2 Jane Does — who go by Danielle and Kadi on social media — for defamation over what he calls “malicious” claims he sexually assaulted them in 2014 and 2015, respectively. According to legal docs — obtained by TMZ — Bieber has “indisputable documentary evidence” to…

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