Amber Rose Says Kanye West Bullied Her For 10 Years, Slut Shamed Her

Amber Rose is railing against her ex, Kanye West … claiming he’s consistently bullied her since their breakup in a way that reminds her of President Trump. Amber pulled no punches as she called out Kanye as a narcissist in response to the “30 showers” jab he took at her in 2015 … 5 years after they split. She went off on him on the popular “No Jumper” YouTube channel, and told Adam22 … “I don’t know if he says things to make his wife more comfortable but to slut-shame…

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‘Glee’ Star Amber Riley Says Trump Supporter Spit on Her Car

Play video content “Glee” star Amber Riley says she nearly beat the crap out of a Trump supporter who blocked her car, and then spit on it … before cooler heads prevailed. The actress is pissed about what recently happened to her while on her way to a store. Amber says she was driving into the parking lot when an older white man in a MAGA hat jumped in front of her car and “takes his Trump hat off and uses it as some kind of badge as if I…

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Amber Heard, Tina Knowles Lead Effort for Habitat for Humanity

Hollywood’s rallying behind Habitat for Humanity L.A. … with Amber Heard, Tina Knowles and Lance Bass leading the way to raise some good money for a great cause. Amber, Tina and Lance are just some of the many celebs who are helping the org raise awareness and funds through a social media campaign dubbed #Hammertime. The funds will help build homes during the COVID-19 pandemic for families in the Hollywood community who can’t afford it. Some of the dough will also be used as valuable resources for families in need.…

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