On Survivor Season 41 Episode 9, we talked about goodbye to 2 lovable fan favorites. It wasn’t sincere, nevertheless Survivor seldom is.

There was quite a bit drama that tribal councils took up over half of the episode!

Deshawn and Shan cannot appear to make up their minds about each other.

It’s clear Deshawn and Shan know they need each other, and respect one another ample to take care of doing the work to maintain up their alliance, nevertheless it is sporting on every of them.

That’s the place the rubber hits the freeway.


All Deshawn needs from Shan is for her to affiliate with actually one among his ideas, nevertheless the simplest she’s going to be capable of do is hear him out after which inform him what she needs to do. She’s listening to him, nevertheless she’s not listening.

The foursome of Shan/Liana/Danny/Deshawn will doable break up. They’ll ought to activate each other in some unspecified time sooner or later, and it will doable be sooner than final 4, possibly as a consequence of each Xander or Ricard profitable immunity and thus calling the photographs.

Survivor does human moments very effectively — this episode had one courtesy of Ricard.

Ricard is deaf in his correct ear, so he has to rely hundreds on physique language and lip-reading to get by. The reality that he leans into this being an asset is inspiring. In doing so, he makes stage — plenty of what the castaways say is just lies, nevertheless most people normally are usually not used to lying with their our our bodies as properly. In that regard, Ricard has a bonus.

There have solely been two earlier deaf or exhausting of listening to contestants on the current: Christy Smithand Nina Poersch. Every women struggled to go looking out acceptance of their tribes and felt isolated as a consequence of their incapacity to take heed to properly or the least bit.

That’s the reason it’s so superior to see Ricard emboldened and empowered by his capability to tune out the B.S. and 0 in on what’s actually useful throughout the totally different castaways. That’s known as having fun with to your strengths!

I’ve basically essentially the most high-maintenance alliance ever.


The battle between Xander and Liana — now the one two remaining members of the Yase tribe — continues to develop to absurd ranges. Liana seems to actively hate Xander to the aim the place she seems obsessive about him.


However, she’s correct to wish him out. If Xander will get to the highest, he might merely win. If Liana needs to have a semi-decent shot on the title of Sole Survivor, she’s going to be capable of’t be sitting beside Xander on the end. He’s her white whale.

The humorous issue is, she seems to be having fun with beneath the concept that he has no idea what she’s as a lot as. She is showing beneath the pretense that they are nonetheless allies when Xander is totally aware that she has been after him for some time now.

Does she not keep in mind the tribal council in Survivor Season 41 Episode 7 when she tried to steal his profit, and he humiliated her by offering to supply her his faux one? That’s not one factor allies do!

Naseer and Heather have been at odds since Survivor Season 41 Episode 8. Or probably earlier, it’s exhausting to say since Heather has barely had any show display screen time. Every tried to throw each other beneath the bus, and they also proceed to take motion proper right here.


Naseer appeared pretty aggressively towards Heather’s actions, which could have appeared a lot much less hypocritical if he hadn’t been gunning for her as properly.

By the purpose the first tribal council arrived, the Heather vote was so blatantly telegraphed it appeared. Survivor sometimes makes use of the bait-and-switch to take care of points attention-grabbing — quite a bit so that almost all viewers can inform that if it appears to be obvious one participant goes home, it could be practically be assured they could reside to play one different day.

The fastened focus on that it was Heather’s time was laid on so thick, Naseer’s future was nearly sealed.

Together with Naseer, we misplaced the charming and entertaining Evvie Jagoda. They merely had nowhere to cowl because of unfortunate (utterly random) group division. Danny, Liana, and Deshawn have been an excellent three — though Xander tried to shake points up a bit by getting Liana to ponder voting Deshawn, nevertheless he was doable merely messing collectively together with her.

Surprisingly, Xander didn’t use his idol to keep away from losing Evvie. He and Evvie haven’t on a regular basis been the closest of allies, nevertheless in having fun with it on Evvie, he might have picked off his collection of Danny, Deshawn, or Liana.

He may not have many additional alternate options to do this. His number of potential allies is dwindling.

I woke up on the underside. Now, I’m promenade king and all folks needs to take me aside and gives me advice inside the recreation.


Xander’s immunity win secured his subsequent three days, nevertheless besides he retains profitable specific individual immunities, he’ll ought to stop being so cocky and decide a backup approach. It’s undoubtedly not previous him to easily maintain dominating in challenges, nevertheless it is an arduous and uncertain answer to get to the top line.

It felt unfair to lose two such nice avid gamers in a single episode. Every Naseer and Evvie deserved their very personal specific individual boot episodes.

Nonetheless, that’s high-stakes, all-in Survivor — jam-packed and condensed to squeeze an entire season into 26 days. Though that that they had vastly completely totally different sorts of gameplay, Naseer and Evvie every launched game-loving spirit to the current that brightened the show display screen every time they appeared on it.

Hopefully, their participation will encourage others like them to make use of, leading to additional quite a few and distinctive avid gamers in future seasons.


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