It’s the tip of the road for Shan Smith, the self-proclaimed “Mafia pastor.”

On an emotional Survivor Season 41 Episode 10, we talked about goodbye to the season’s most divisive participant.

After Ricard turned on her, Shan was blindsided and left the game with an idol in her pocket.

I’ve been unapologetically pro-Shan this whole season. Her ebullience and love of the game shone by in her confessionals. She dominated numerous the early narrative on Ua, and she or he usual precise relationships, notably with Liana. She made strategic strikes primarily based totally on razor-sharp intuition.

However, it was her loyalty that ended up being her downfall. Shan was solely eager to activate Deshawn if it meant saving Ricard and it was her extreme regard for Ricard that misplaced her the game.

On account of Shan and Ricard have been thrust collectively by circumstance, there was always a healthful disconnect there that meant they may presumably be actually reliable with each other.

It was a very business-like partnership — further about respect than love,

You’re always one relationship away from extending your life on this sport or getting your torch snuffed.

I’ve to admit her “winner’s” edit fooled me. Eighth place simply is not how Shan should have gone out. It’s an unsatisfying finish for a participant who managed numerous the game. Nonetheless she carried out arduous, which put a aim on her once more, and she or he trusted the improper people.

Whatever the disappointing final vote, this was a riveting episode of actuality television.

Reward challenges are always further pleasant when the winner has to resolve on people to go together with them. It makes profitable rewards a double-edged sword.

Ricard was vocal about justifying his selections — Shan and Heather had barely eaten your whole time, and Xander had “selflessly” given up numerous alternate options for rewards.

These kinds of strikes could also be troublesome to navigate, nevertheless Ricard handled all of it expertly.

It’s disappointing they didn’t current the tip of the night post-pizza. Wouldn’t it have been pleasant to see the 4 of them multi perform large mattress collectively? Then as soon as extra, it’s further seemingly they each obtained their very personal separate beds. That is perhaps the one methodology to get a terrific night’s sleep!

The most effective issue you might be in Survivor is emotionally intelligent.

Shan would possibly be taught her fellow players, nevertheless she didn’t know straightforward strategies to appease all of them. You can’t merely concentrate — people have to actually really feel heard, they often need their opinions to have price. (For what it’s worth, the winner of Survivor: Philippines is the best occasion of this attribute.)

The enticing issue about this episode was that it proved how human these players are. They aren’t merely strategic game-bots. They don’t merely care about within the occasion that they win or not — they care about their path to the tip, their friendships, who sits with them, and what a win for them or their allies would possibly indicate.

Liana and Shan usual a bond which will seemingly last a lifetime. Their summit meeting was an emotional highlight of the season that bought right here full circle proper right here.

Previous this sport, I merely actually really feel a love in my coronary coronary heart for you.

Liana’s honesty might need value her the game and it undoubtedly screwed Shan over on account of Shan’s loyalty to Ricard, nevertheless which will usually be the worth of getting precise friendships on this sport. Shut, one-on-one partnerships could assist take you to the tip, nevertheless they’re usually detrimental for many who’re not cautious.

Deshawn and Danny have been collectively since Day One. That may be a heck of a story within the occasion that they make it to the finals collectively. It’s prone to be arduous to differentiate themselves, nevertheless Deshawn would possibly swing points in his favor by reminding everyone how lots he has put himself available on the market.

Danny talked an unlimited sport about loyalty, nevertheless he was quick to activate Shan and Liana when it bought right here all the way in which all the way down to it. His gut was to stick with Erika, nevertheless he acknowledges that Shan would have been a a lot greater menace.

We’re all liars proper right here.

It seems hypocritical to accuse Shan of being two-faced when he and Deshawn readily stabbed Liana inside the once more with this vote.

If Shan had carried out her idol, Liana would have gone home! That’s hardly the switch of a loyal ally.

Erika’s strategic play is lastly becoming associated. It is perhaps too little too late, nevertheless she saved herself and her buddy, Heather (who could possibly be an excellent specific individual to sit subsequent to inside the finals).

The Shan vote was launched as Ricard’s switch, though, so unlikely Erika would get credit score rating for it, regardless that it couldn’t have occurred with out her enter.

Erika has concurrently been an underdog and a wild card this season, nevertheless her edit is so uneven, it’s arduous to know the place her arc will land.

One issue’s for optimistic: she’s the queen of metaphors and similes. Erika and Xander are by far the best at crafting one-liners and evoking the imagery that elevates the Survivor into one factor further than merely actuality television: they often’re always on degree.

The hardest issue with Shan is she has an idol, and it’s just about like giving a baby a machine gun.

There are seven players left inside the sport. Who amongst them is nearly undoubtedly to win?

Danny: Might presumably be a sleeper winner. Danny’s been a relentless presence, nevertheless his success always bought right here from being inside the dominant tribe. He’s a secure strategic participant, nevertheless he would possibly want hassle separating his achievements from Deshawn.

Deshawn: If Ricard’s not inside the Final Three, Deshawn will seemingly win. He has been a likable narrator and a charismatic presence all by means of your whole season. He has outplayed a lot of his allies. Deshawn has carried out moderately extra aggressively than Danny, and trendy juries are inclined to reward that.

Erika: Sadly, she’s an outlier for the title, nevertheless I’m nonetheless rooting for the feisty little Canadian time traveler! We protect listening to about what a sneaky participant she is with out truly attending to see quite a few her strikes. She possibly won’t win, nevertheless it is going to be a shocking thrill if she did.

Liana: She would possibly win in a Final Three with Heather and Erika, which is not exterior the realm of threat. If she goes to the tip with Danny and Deshawn, a win is unlikely besides she personally achieves her intention of ousting Xander and can get some further notches on her resume.

Heather: There is not a state of affairs throughout which Heather wins. Nonetheless she would possibly merely make Final Three on account of she’s such a non-threat.

Ricard: Odds-on favorite to win at this degree. He used his closest ally as a defend and eliminated her on the wonderful time. He’s overtaken Xander as a result of the issue beast, so he’ll need to protect profitable (along with the fire-making drawback) to stay safe at tribal council, however when he makes it to Final Three, he takes the title.

Xander: Don’t rely out Xander! He was the first to look out the “Beware Profit,” and now he’s the one one left. He nonetheless has his idol, and the specter of it has loomed large since sooner than the merge. Wouldn’t it not be annoying to have one different youthful, straight, white male winner? Certain. Nonetheless he would have earned it.

For the ultimate couple days, I’ve been the lone soldier.

Whatever the “nearly undoubtedly” to win the game being ousted, this was a nearly-perfect episode. It had two challenges, quite a few method and clever gameplay, along with some genuinely emotional moments from players trying to strike balances between their heads and hearts.

Love her or hate her, it is vital to confess this season would not have been the equivalent with out Shan (which is larger than could also be talked about about one other players).

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