Survive the Raft: Nate Boyer on the Discovery Social Experiment That Permits Contestants to Make Their Personal Guidelines

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Discovery+ has successful on its fingers with Survive the Raft, a brand new actuality collection that places 9 folks from completely different walks of life on a raft for 21 days.

There, they need to dwell and work in shut contact as they arrive in opposition to antagonistic climate, differing opinions, and way more.

It is the proper social experiment with some technique thrown in for good measure. TV Fanatic obtained the possibility to talk with host Nate Boyer about being part of the mission.

The mission enticed him on the idea alone.

“The idea of these very diverse people being thrust into this environment where they’re forced to get to know one another, and they’re forced to have not only conversations, but experience things that are challenging, and understand that just because somebody thinks and feels and believes something different than them, it doesn’t mean they can’t work together.”

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“It doesn’t mean we can’t become great friends or close. And just because somebody doesn’t have the same opinions as me and feels the same way doesn’t mean we are meant to always see eye to eye,” the Mayans M.C. alum added.

“We’re unique and different too. So I think that that it’s a great lesson. It was a great lesson for me. I got to learn a ton from watching this, and I got to grow a bit myself, but I think it’s a great lesson for the world to be able to experience that and open our eyes up.”

Nate says that we dwell in a time when it is easy solely to encompass ourselves with comfy issues.

“We live in a time where there are a lot of echo chambers, and it’s very easy to silo ourselves and just put ourselves around what’s comfortable and who’s comfortable.”

“‘Oh, these people think like me; I’m just going to only hang out with them,” he used for example, including that he would not assume that is one of the best ways ahead.

Nate added that the experiment was consistently evolving and famous that the contestants had a number of autonomy over how issues performed out.

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“We let them make a lot of the rules and kind of create this experience and environment for themselves,” he dished, saying that among the contestants had been a bit bit stunned by it.

Many unscripted collection include guidelines, so it is refreshing that the present went on this course.

Nate believes eliminating many guidelines permits viewers to concentrate to the dynamics between the contestants.

“You get to see this journey of growth for these people throughout, and it’s up to them whether they’re willing to change and grow or stay the same person they were before they boarded that raft.”

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Boyer says that the contestants typically conflict, however that does not imply they do not admire one another.

“We get close with anybody, even with people that we love more than anything, our own families. We can certainly get into it.”

Boyer was shocked at how shortly everybody opened up to one another on Sunday’s collection premiere.

He appreciated that they had been “willing to go there and be open.”

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Nate stated that it does get harder due to the added component of the restricted provides, being out within the components of the Pacific Ocean, and understanding that they should depend on one another for survival.

“A lot of that stuff gets put aside, and they’re like, ‘What’s the most important thing here?’ And they’re understanding quickly. Like, ‘I’ve got to work together with this team. I can’t do this alone.'”

“If we’re all put in a situation like that as human beings, we’re willing to bend a bit and kind of change our outlook on things, or at least I hope, and not everybody is.”

“You’ll see that with the show that not everybody is all the time. It’s hard to give up and be willing to sacrifice that and let yourself be open to other ideas and opinions.”

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“When you’ve got these strong personalities and these people that are born leaders. You can’t all lead at once; sometimes, you have to be a follower.”

“And so watching that dynamic unfold was really cool. It surprised me every day.”

“I had my own preconceived notions and expectations, and I had my people when I first met this crew; I was immediately like assessing everybody and making a snap judgment about who I think will be successful and who won’t.”

“And I was wrong so many times,” he stated with fun.

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Survive the Raft continues Sundays at 9 p.m. on Discovery.

It is genuinely probably the most distinctive social experiments in latest reminiscence.

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