As everybody is aware of, the Nielsen rankings normally play a large perform in determining whether or not or not a TV current like SurrealEstate is cancelled or renewed for season two. Sadly, most of us do not stay in Nielsen households. Because of many viewers actually really feel aggravated when their viewing habits and opinions aren’t considered, we invite you to price all of the first season episodes of SurrealEstate proper right here.
SurrealEstate stars Tim Rozon, Sarah Levy, Adam Korson, Maurice Dean Wint, Savannah Basley, and Tennille Be taught. The story follows an elite workforce of specialists at The Roman Firm who cope with the cases no one else can — haunted and possessed houses that really scare would-be shoppers away. Researching, investigating, and “fixing” the problems that go bump inside the evening time, the workforce works to create closure (and closings) similtaneously they wrestle with demons of their very personal. Nick Roman (Rozon) is the proprietor and has gained a whispered standing as any person who could promote the haunted houses that nobody else could. Susan Ireland (Levy) is an enormously worthwhile realtor who doesn’t think about in ghosts or hauntings. Father Phil Orley (Korson) is the corporate’s evaluation specialist whereas August Ripley (Wint) focuses on know-how, and Zooey L’Enfant (Basley) serves as a result of the corporate’s office supervisor. Within the meantime, Megan Donovan (Be taught) is a medical scholar who merely inherited a house from her grandfather.


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