Mark me, Sunday’s Outlander used to be principally previous house week.

We were given important Aunt Jocasta time, together with an interlude through which Claire were given her prime. We were given a glimpse of Bonnie Prince Charlie… and that used to be about sufficient of Bonnie Prince Charlie. And final however no longer longing-liest, we were given Lord John Gray and the non-romantic (however kinda romantic) breakup heard ’spherical the sector.

Learn on for the highlights of “Give Me Liberty.”


 In a flashback to Scotland in June, 1746, two girls and a person stroll alongside a seashore. Oh wait: It’s in truth a lady, a person and Prince Charles dressed as a girl. He’s in hiding as he makes an attempt to flee Scotland after the failed Jacobite rebellion at Culloden, and although he’s fortunate simply to be alive, he’s kvetching about bonnets and skirts and such. The girl with him — whom we’ll be told is Plants MacDonald — tells him to hush up, as a result of there are some Redcoats between them and the boat that may elevate the prince to protection.


Whilst the prince remains mum (despite the fact that no longer ahead of squeaking out a “mark me,” to my utter pleasure), Plants sweet-talks their well past the British infantrymen. And similar to that, they evade quick seize.

In the meantime, within the provide day, Gov. Martin is dismayed to obtain Jamie’s understand that he’ll, for reason why of “private convictions,” now not be an Indian Agent for the Crown. “Is it a letter of resignation or rebellion?” Martin asks the person sitting throughout from him in his place of job, and when the digicam strikes over to him, we see it’s Lord John Gray! Jamie “is a pal of yours, is he no longer?” the governor asks. “One among my dearest,” Gray replies, doing ye olde influence of the heart-eyes emoji. Lord John reassures the governor that Fraser is unswerving to England, no worries, all excellent. Nonetheless, Martin sends him to an upcoming tournament to suss out Giant Crimson’s true association. Twist Gray’s arm!


That tournament is a celebration in Wilmington, N.C., thrown via Jamie’s aunt Jocasta in honor of Plants MacDonald, who has relocated to the colonies within the intervening years. Plants goes to talk on behalf of staying unswerving to Nice Britain; like Jocasta, she sees the failed Jacobite revolt as a cautionary story now and is advocating for retaining the peace.

Jamie and Claire plan to wait, as smartly. Jamie recognizes that he’d most likely believe his aunt if he didn’t know, because of Claire and Brianna, how issues had been going to play out. And on that be aware: Whilst he’s in Wilmington, he hopes to connect to the Sons of Liberty. That meetup is going smartly, and as soon as his connection realizes that Jamie is a Mason like he’s, he invitations him to a proper SOL assembly the following night time. And in a cheeky tag to the scene, Jamie notices that the tavern he’s in is exhibiting a pitcher jar proclaiming it holds “the bollocks of the infamous pirate Stephen Bonnet, taken from his corpse.”


The celebration occurs that night time, and Jamie and Claire get all gussied up and cross. Lord John notices them input, and I ponder how everybody else within the room had any oxygen to respire, given the large inhale Gray does when he units eyes upon Giant Crimson. Jamie is pleasantly stunned to look his previous good friend, and wonders what he’s doing there. “I’ve a specific fondness for reformed Jacobites,” John says. (Aspect be aware/JAMMF+LJG mind unload: I actually do love this fraught friendship, basically as a result of the entire issues that cross unsaid between Jamie and John each time they have interaction. And whilst David Berry isn’t in any respect who I anticipated the display to solid, in line with how John is described within the books, I feel he’s so pretty within the phase. Plus, I will not get the considered the letters out of my head.)
As John proudly reviews on William’s training and normal pursuits, you’ll be able to inform it kills Jamie a little bit, however he simply smiles. After which Jocasta arrives. Jamie nips over to mention hi/softly chastise his aunt for getting Fergus a print store in New Bern, however she counters that it’s going to make him glad, and Fergus’ happiness has been briefly provide in recent years. Then Jamie and Claire say hi to Plants, whom Jamie met after they had been each kids, however the interplay is minimize brief when Jocasta’s eyes begin to harm her so much. Claire says she has one thing that may assist, and Plants joins them for a short lived respite out of doors.

Whilst the 3 girls take a breather, Claire offers Jocasta a pipe filled with hemp flower to assist fight her glaucoma ache. (Aspect be aware: I’m no longer unhappy about this departure from the e book; within the novel, Claire stabs a needle into the white a part of Jamie’s aunt’s eye to alleviate the force or one thing, and whilst useful, it’s gross.) Whilst Jocasta smokes the wacky tobaccy, the women discuss how royal males are, in spite of everything, simply males — and that reasons Claire to flash again to when King Louis XV of France compelled her to sleep with him in alternate for Jamie’s freedom. Beautiful quickly after, she hangs again whilst the ladies go back to the celebration, and he or she huffs a little bit of her travel-sized ether to take the brink off.


A lot later, Jamie and Lord John opt for a stroll. John says he noticed an inventory of suspected rebels, “and yours used to be amongst them… you will have to disassociate your self from them immediately.” Jamie begins to return blank to his good friend, however then Jocasta’s slave, Mary, runs over to inform them there’s hassle on the town. So Jamie and John rush to the Wilmington print store, the place an offended staff of rebels is threatening the printer with tar and feathering (and worse). It’s all as a result of he published fliers about Plants’s seek advice from, commissioned via Jocasta.

Although somebody within the mob does (non-fatally) shoot the printer, and Jamie will get a little bit scalding tar on his neck, Jamie and Lord John get the crowd to transport on, with Jamie arguing that unfastened speech will have to be triumphant and that the printer is permitted to print no matter he desires. Claire cleans him up later, they usually agree that their new allegiance is to their new country. And when Jamie sees Jocasta, he warns her that she’d higher no longer use her affect with Fergus to have him print issues that may get him and his circle of relatives killed. “I perceive your grief,” he says, a nod to Murtagh (sniff!), but when the rest will have to occur to my son…,” Jamie says, his voice catching a little bit. When Jocasta peaces out to lie down, Mary tells Jamie that the older lady hasn’t been herself since Murtagh handed, and that she has desires about “cash stained via blood, her daughter Morna and French gold.”


Jamie has to inform John the reality, so he seeks him out — and Gray excitedly finds that he is aware of the place the Sons of Liberty will meet that night time. Jamie we could him know that he’s going, to not infiltrate however to sign up for up. “I’m a idiot,” Gray says, his face ashen. “John, no,” Jamie whispers. Issues get very intense as they argue. “If there’s a conflict, the rebels will lose. And also you,” John says, possibly a little bit close to tears, “might lose your existence.” Jamie asks his good friend to return with him, simply to listen to the opposite facet. He received’t, however he does conform to prolong his males for so long as he can. Then he bids Jamie watch out, they usually phase.


However the Sons of Liberty need not anything to do with Jamie when he presentations up; certainly one of them noticed him protecting the printer the day ahead of, they usually suppose him a Loyalist. He buys again a few of their agree with, despite the fact that, when he signals them to the truth that infantrymen are on their method, and the SOL are in a position to filter ahead of the Redcoats arrive.

The following morning, Claire and Jamie get ready to go back to Fraser’s Ridge. She thinks she hears somebody on the town whistling “Colonel Bogey March,” which wasn’t written till 1914. However then the whistling dies down, and he or she chalks it as much as the wind enjoying tips on her. BUT… within the Wilmington prison, we see a long-haired prisoner conserving a small emerald and whistling the similar song. And despite the fact that the episode cuts to black ahead of we see his face, there’s an excellent probability it’s Wendigo Donner, the time-traveler Claire met when she used to be abducted and raped via Lionel Brown and his males within the Season 5 finale.


Again on the Ridge: Amy McCallum is getting a little bit too used to having Roger’s assist round the home, and individuals are speaking. It’s such a lot the subject of native gossip that, when Roger catches Malva and one of the crucial Henderson boys having intercourse within the meetinghouse, she warns Roger that if he tells her father, she’ll say she noticed him and Amy kissing — and that everybody will imagine her. Roger will have to notice that’s true, as a result of he assists in keeping mum whilst she sneaks out the again door. Ultimately, he pulls clear of the McCallums and tells Brianna that it felt excellent to be wanted. And when she counters that she and Jem want him, he says (appropriately) that they don’t — she’s a rattling engineer who’s thisclose to bringing operating water to the Ridge. However they finish the episode in a excellent, glad position, particularly after Bree pronounces that she’s pregnant with their 2nd kid!

Oh, and that is being worried: After Bree, Marsali, Malva and Lizzie to find proof of somebody acting a love spell within the woods, Malva sneaks off to a cabin the place a person’s useless frame is in a state of complex putrefaction. That doesn’t appear to trouble her a lot, despite the fact that, as she takes out a knife and clips off certainly one of his palms (!) — an very important part to the spell, as Marsali identified previous.