Olivia Rodrigo Loves That Your Dad Rocks Out to Her Songs Too: ‘It Just Makes Me Feel Less Alone’

When you’ve been blasting Olivia Rodrigo‘s GUTS album in your room lately and you find your dad singing along a bit too excitedly to “Get Him Back!,” you’re not alone. The 20-year-old singer informed Folks journal that her angsty pop-punk anthems about teenage drama and the ache of being pure at coronary heart seem like touchdown with followers past her Gen Z target market.

“I actually think that I’m really excited by the way that people are getting behind artists that normally would be deemed for young people,” she informed the journal. “I love interacting with fans who are my age and people who are going through the struggles that I’m going through in real time, but it’s been really fun also to experience those girls’ dads be like, ‘Wow, I remember when I was going through that heartbreak.’”

Particularly, Rodrigo stated her Grammy-winning Billboard Scorching 100 No. 1 breakthrough single “Drivers License” appeared to cross over to a a lot wider viewers than listeners her age experiencing the highs and lows of past love. “I remember when that came out, people of all walks of life would just come up to me and be like, ‘I remember exactly where I was when I was experiencing that heartbreak for the first time,’” Rodrigo stated of the 2021 hit. “It’s just such a cool thing to see that we’re all so much more alike than we are different. It just makes me feel less alone. I’m just like, ‘Wow, my experiences aren’t really that unique. Everyone has experienced some sort of pain or loss and insecurity.’”

The excellent news for Rodrigo — whose sophomore album, GUTS, simply debuted on the prime of the Billboard 200 album chart in its first week — was that her songs are making it in order that “people are starting to take teenage girl music a little more seriously, which I’m really happy about.”

It’s not simply dads, although, in keeping with The Each day Beast (pay-walled). The positioning spoke to AP reporter Maria Sherman, who stated that she’s observed one other current evolution within the demo obsessing over Rodrigo’s music that additional widens the singer’s attain. “We’re seeing that conversation evolve where it’s accepted that people of all ages, particularly older women, are relating to and feeling for Olivia Rodrigo, and now there’s a connection with men, too,” she stated. “Not to say that they weren’t listening to it, but I’ve certainly seen this conversation come up quite a bit.”

These millennial males, dubbed “Rodri-Bros” by the Beast, haven’t any downside singing alongside, and referring to, the singer’s emo tales of romantic wreckage. A kind of bros, 35-year-old Brooklynite Jeff, stated he was a fan due to the “Gen Z of it all. I think I’m just sort of fascinated by that generation. In the last few years, I’ve started realizing that as a smack-dab-in-the-middle millennial, I’m no longer part of the young, fun, progressive generation, at least comparatively. I really like the openness and maturity and vulnerability in her music that I think is indicative of a lot of Gen Z.”

The attract may additionally have one thing to do with an preliminary attraction to Rodrigo’s signature sound, which mixes pop songcraft with a heavy nod to late ’90s and early 2000’s bands that appealed to those guys within the first place, together with My Chemical Romance, Paramore and Dashboard Confessional.

The primary cause so many of those depraved delicate dudes say they aren’t afraid to harmonize together with “Deja Vu,” although, is exactly as a result of Rodrigo faucets so immediately into the common emotions of being a youngster. “She captures a lot of the experience of being an insecure teen without compromising a more adult voice to do so,” stated married highschool trainer Jesse, 34. “Even if you don’t like her music, I don’t know that there are many artists that are able to thread that needle in the same way.”

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