Natalie Martinez launched her A-game on this Amy Kindelán centric.

Odd Joe Season 1 Episode 8 explored why doing the proper issue was so essential to Amy.

It moreover confirmed the parallels of Joe and Uncle Frank’s relationship all by means of the timelines.

Ever since she was a youthful teenager, Amy cared about justice. She wanted to attend protests, even if her father wanted her to be careful since they’d been Latina, and he didn’t want them to call consideration to themselves.

By the use of flashbacks, we seen why Amy has grown so distrustful of cops and people normally. The cops arrested her dad for a theft he under no circumstances devoted.

She tried to defend him and purchased into trouble herself. It makes full sense why she wanted to do the proper think about a single timeline, even when it meant turning Bobby in. She hated it when rich, white guys purchased a cross.

Far more, she wanted to change points and make a distinction by turning into a congresswoman and voicing her ideas, as her mom taught her as a baby.

Honey, essential issue you may ever do is elevate your voice for what you take into account in. That’s what your father and I had been arguing about within the current day and that’s what it is worthwhile to do at that protest within the current day.

Amy wanted to deal with the pressure of planning a congressman’s funeral since Bobby’s partner was too distraught. Amy was moreover troubled and traumatized, nevertheless she tried to take care of busy so she wouldn’t keep collaborating within the taking photos in her head.

She moreover saved avoiding Joe since additional bombshells saved dropping about her and Bobby’s one-night stand, and she or he couldn’t deal with that on prime of all of the issues else.

It wasn’t until Amy’s dad and mother arrived that Amy let herself soften down. Her mom knowledgeable her that inserting feelings in a subject wouldn’t on a regular basis help.

It may keep her protected as her dad wanted, however it moreover hindered her chances of getting close to people.

Amy’s to Bobby was fairly, nevertheless she by likelihood revealed her secret when she held up Bobby’s watch and described its significance.

Regina carried out it cool, nevertheless as she hugged Amy, she whispered she knew Amy had an affair collectively along with her husband.

Regina then decided to take away the one issue Amy wanted since she was a baby — being a congresswoman. That was some merely revenge.

Amy had far more penalties coming when she lastly confessed to Joe she slept with Bobby. Hopefully, he provides some understanding. He was just about having an emotional affair with Jenny.

Amy felt betrayed throughout the Cop Joe timeline when the Feds questioned her and destroyed her condominium. It made her actually really feel like a baby as soon as extra being wrongfully accused.

That’s the reason she nervous that they did the wrong issue turning Bobby in if they could acquire hate.

Cop Joe and Amy’s reset was beautiful with how they named their likes and dislikes, notably Amy teasing she thought Billy Joel was dad rock.

They encourage each other to be honest, and I hope  Joe goes once more to being a beat cop.


Amy moreover helped Nurse Joe with Uncle Frank. They’d under no circumstances truly interacted one-on-one sooner than, and it was nice to see that they’d such a strong friendship.

Amy wanted to protect Joe and Chris from Uncle Frank, so she took Chris home collectively along with her, and she or he and Eric tried to distract him.

Nonetheless, Chris was an intelligent little one, and he wished options on why his good uncle drank and destroyed his physique.

Amy was so understanding and tried to match it to how youngsters overplay video video video games, even when it gives them problems. She outlined it in preteen language.

Eric was super impressed with how she handled that state of affairs, and Amy admitted that she now wishes kids.

It was so cute that Eric wanted youngsters too, nevertheless neither knew how one can methodology the topic.

They appeared so thrilled to be on the equivalent internet web page. I’m glad that Amy was blissful in two of the three timelines.

Eric: Did we merely adjust to undertake a baby?
Amy: In order that we’re on the equivalent internet web page.

Sadly, whereas Eric and Amy had been reconnecting, Joe had a miserable day with Uncle Frank in two timelines.

It’s so powerful to see the raveled and drunk mannequin of him since he’s so common throughout the totally different variations.

Why would Nurse Joe establish Uncle Frank Chris’s godfather if he was so drunk and absent? He didn’t have in mind one thing about Chris’s incapacity and easily wanted to barge in there and gives him a piggyback journey.

As he started coughing up blood in entrance of the child, every Joe and Amy knew it was time to take movement and fast.

Joe turned nervous when he took Uncle Frank to the hospital, and he didn’t even have in mind the ultimate time he was hospitalized and had his stomach pumped.

The two of them ran into Dr. Banks, who confirmed his compassionate aspect and supplied to look at Uncle Frank out.

Dr. Banks tells Joe privately that his uncle has hepatitis, which is ready to worsen till Frank stops consuming. He supplied to help pay for rehab, which Joe initially refused.

Nonetheless, after Dr. Banks apologized for a approach he dealt with Joe for years and he acknowledged that Joe’d been an excellent husband, Joe reconsidered.

Dr. Banks: As quickly as per a decade, I stop being a prick for a day to see if I can.
Joe: Thanks doc.

Hopefully, the two males can keep their truce. I’m sure Jenny would admire it.


Inside the Cop Joe timeline, Uncle Frank nonetheless blamed Joe for turning Bobby in. He was so bitter that he was suspended resulting from it.

Joe was bitter because of he turned a cop resulting from Uncle Frank.

Joe: I chosen to be the detective you on a regular basis wanted me to be.
Uncle Frank: You most likely did? Set off you rolled on the mayor’s best good buddy and likewise you embarrassed the stress, detective.

Joe realized that he on a regular basis made selections primarily based totally on what his uncle wanted, partly because of he did have a troublesome time getting over Christopher Sr.’s lack of life. He drank, and Joe didn’t want that to happen as soon as extra.

Nonetheless, Joe knew it was time for a reset. He didn’t get pleasure from detective work. He missed being a cop and actually catching the damaging guys. Now, he should be strong enough to inform his division.


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