Joe Rogan invited Tim Dillon onto his “Joe Rogan Expertise” one final time in 2021, capping a yr the place the Spotify celebrity embraced his red-pilled standing.

Contemplate Rogan’s current takes on:

The comedy duo talked about automobile improvements earlier than diving headfirst into the pandemic throughout their Dec. 24 reunion on “The Joe Rogan Expertise.” That included the draconian measures enacted in Australia to battle the virus’ unfold.

“Nobody’s misplaced their thoughts higher than Australia,” Rogan stated. “It’s an amazing signal that everybody wants weapons.”

Right here’s a fast glimpse at that nation’s current COVID-19 measures, courtesy of The Federalist:

Within the Higher Sydney area of New South Wales, native authorities have restricted most interstate journey, forcibly shuttered locations of worship, and restricted the explanations people are allowed to depart their properties. Likewise in Victoria, the place residents stay in indefinite lockdown, state officers have instituted a curfew from 9 p.m. to five a.m. in metropolitan Melbourne.

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“It’s stunning that it was that nation,” Dillon stated, suggesting related ways could be anticipated from totalitarian nations like China or North Korea. “I all the time thought that nation was a celebration … everyone was simply having enjoyable.”

“However it’s a penal colony, and a number of the folks there are descendants of criminals,” Dillon added, tongue possible buried in cheek. “They don’t love work, which is OK …. Somebody says, ‘hey, sit in your yard and get hammered for a yr,’ they don’t ask too many questions.”

That result in guidelines that you simply would possibly see in a dystopian thriller, not a “free,” western nation, Dillon famous.

“They’re doing face scans … ‘did you actually go for espresso? Let me verify your cup,’” he added, referring to a Melbourne man consuming espresso exterior who needed to present proof of his full espresso cup to a police officer.

Most well being consultants agree it’s uncommon for COVID-19 transmission to happen outdoor.

Some critics of Australia’s harsh new guidelines join its gun restrictions to the populace’s incapacity to keep up its freedom. The nation enacted sweeping gun management laws following a 1996 capturing bloodbath within the nation. Weapons are nonetheless authorized, however many particular forms of weapons (semi-automatic rifles, shotguns) aren’t. Plus, strict guidelines now forestall residents from carrying arms for private safety.

Rogan, apparently, related these dots. He’s not alone.

Once more, The Federalist:

As soon as signed into legislation, the [Australian gun] laws efficaciously eliminated any type of management Aussies had over their particular person rights. Fairly than entrusting themselves to safeguard society’s civil liberties, Australians as an alternative rendered all duty to the federal government.

And but Rogan is a far cry from rabid Second Modification advocate like Ted Nugent or Wayne LaPierre. He’s debated gun legal guidelines on his podcast, doing so from a good-faith perspective plus a splash of humor, with Colion Noir, amongst others.

The comedians shortly turned from Australia to the litany of half-truths, lies and censorship tied to the U.S.’s try to defeat the pandemic.

Dillon hoped the Omicron virus, which thus far seems extra contagious but way more gentle, will sweep via the globe. And, as soon as it’s gone, we’ll attain that “herd immunity” many have hoped for throughout the previous two years.

Then, he stated, the outdated regular would possibly return.

Rogan gently disagreed.

“The truth of human beings is, when you give folks energy they don’t give it again,” Rogan stated, quoting Chicago Mayor, Democrat Lori Lightfoot, who vowed to make it “inconvenient” for non-vaxxed Chicago residents to stay their lives.

The 2 mentioned vaccines, COVID-19 therapies, the shifting goalposts established by Dr. Anthony Fauci and different authorities our bodies and Massive Pharma’s stake in perpetual booster pictures.

“For positive there’s some huge cash concerned [with pandemic treatments]. And every time there’s some huge cash concerned there’s f***ery,” Rogan stated.

Neither Rogan nor Dillon embrace a specific political get together. Rogan’s ideology is tough to pinpoint. He’s libertarian on some points, like pot use and free speech, whereas praising Democrats like President Barack Obama and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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Dillon leans to the Proper, however he’s wanting to taunt GOP figures like Reps. Thomas Massie and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The duo briefly mocked former President Donald Trump early of their most up-to-date chat.

They’re observational comics at the beginning, and their political neutrality leaves them in a position to spot corruption wherever they see it.

Left. Proper. Heart. Or someplace in between.

Neither is a soothsayer or professional. Their opinions ought to be thought of and, later, personally reality checked when the themes warrant that scrutiny.

So why hassle sharing two podcasters’ opinions?

Each thrive on talking their minds, shrugging off media narratives and doing the entire above from platforms exterior the mainstream. Certain, Spotify will be the “new” mainstream as a result of its attain and significance, however podcasting stays a brisker format, and Rogan treats it just like the wild, wild West of communication.

Collectively and aside, Rogan and Dillon’s voices outweigh these of state media hacks like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel or John Oliver. The latter are beholden to the progressive playbook, stopping them from talking fact to energy.

It’s why the podcast giants may have a big cultural affect in 2022, assuming the press doesn’t take them down. first.

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