Good Omens Season 2 Episode 3 Assessment: Chapter 3: I Know The place I am Going

Another Visitor - Good Omens

Any likelihood David Tennant will get to drag out his pure (probably exaggerated) Scottish accent, as he does on Good Omens Season 2 Episode 3, enjoyable instances are available.

Aziraphale’s 1827 lesson within the ineffable “virtues of poverty” is a second of actual private development for the sanctimonious angel.

I would prefer to assume this is not the final we’ll see of Elsbeth. It might be fascinating to see if these ninety guineas are sufficient to degree the enjoying discipline for her.

However first, there’s Officer Constable Muriel.

Inexperienced with humanity, even amongst angels, it is a basic comedic fish-out-of-water situation when she’s assigned to verify and doc the miracle Aziraphale claimed to have used to make Nina and Maggies fall in love.

Muriel - Good Omens Season 2 Episode 3

Her Pollyanna-esque optimism and full ineptitude are fairly lovable, particularly in mild of the higher-up angels’ routinely callous and pompous habits.

Together with her optimistic perspective and lean-in curiosity concerning the world, it could be enjoyable to see Crowley and Aziraphale tuck her underneath their wings and educate her the methods of the world.

Crowley: I don’t understand how you lot have managed to remain in cost all this time.
Aziraphale: I’m undecided we’ve, have we?

Talking of wings, did anybody else catch those on “Jim’s” mug rather than the deal with? I can not think about it is easy to scrub, however speak about cute!

Jim/Gabriel’s come a great distance from wandering via the streets bare. In a number of brief days, his protectors have managed to present him some job readiness expertise, educated him on sporting garments, and taught him to arrange his personal sizzling chocolate.

Toga Gabriel - Good Omens Season 2 Episode 1

We get our first good take a look at Hell right here, and Beelzebub appears to be having an id disaster that confuses the minion, who would not know what to make of an overlord who is not intent on punishing him.

As has been famous by Crowley, Beelzebub has a brand new face. Shelley Conn has taken over the function from Anna Maxwell Martin for Season 2.

Contemplating the transient nature of the infernal, recasting would not require quite a lot of clarification.

Beelzebub’s a bit increased profile right here, with the hunt for Gabriel throughout Heaven, Hell, and Earth in full swing.

Shelley Conn as Lord Beelzebub - Good Omens Season 2 Episode 3

The entire Lord of the Flies title twigs the very fact there have been flies talked about at common intervals via the collection thus far.

Might this be a clue as to how Gabriel’s reminiscence was wiped?

Crowley: Gravity. It’s a factor that occurs when objects are pulled collectively. On this case, they’re all pulled downwards as a result of the Earth is the most important factor round.
Gabriel: Why?
Crowley: Uh, truthfully, I don’t keep in mind. Appeared like a good suggestion after we have been all speaking about it. So issues will keep the place you place them? Not simply drift off?
Gabriel: However it doesn’t keep the place I put them. Goes down. Apart from flies. They go up.
Crowley: Properly noticed.

Sure, flies go up, however so do angels, often.

Though they share no scenes, it is fascinating how Elsbeth and Muriel distinction.

Aziraphale: Look, I’m good. You, I’m afraid, are evil. However individuals get a selection, y’know? They can’t be actually holy except in addition they get the chance to be depraved. She is depraved.
Crowley: That solely works in case you begin everybody off equal. You may’t begin somebody off like that and anticipate her to do in addition to somebody born in a fortress.
Aziraphale: Ah, however no, no, that’s the great bit. The decrease you begin, the extra alternatives you could have. So Elbeth right here has all of the alternatives as a result of she’s so poor.
Crowley: That’s lunacy.
Aziraphale: No, that’s ineffable.

Human and angel. Impoverished and privileged.

Elsbeth makes decisions Aziraphale cannot perceive as a result of she would not have the alternatives he appears to assume are common.

Simply making an attempt to maintain Wee Moragh and me alive and it doesn’t damage anybody who isn’t already lifeless. So you may shove your morals up your arse, Mr. MacFell.


And even when he comes round to see a profit to body-snatching, he is fooled into considering Mr. Dalrymple is an efficient man when, actually, he exploits the poor like Elsbeth and justifies it along with his perception that they’re all drunks.

Crowley steps up right here to save lots of Elsbeth from herself simply as he intervened for Job’s goats (and youngsters) on Good Omens Season 2 Episode 2.

Best of Friends - Good Omens Season 2 Episode 3

Watching him go from Lilliputian to Brobdingnagian whereas excessive on laudanum is an outrageous little bit of absurdist comedy.

I’m wondering what the graveyard watchmen will make of the mess they left behind on the crypt.

Assuming Elsbeth takes the ninety guineas and finds a farm to purchase and cool down on, it appears karmic that Mr. Dalrymple involves a nasty finish regardless of his training and aspirations.

You would possibly wish to take into consideration washing your fingers. It’s going to be all the craze in a number of years, I’m telling you.


Taking inventory right here, on the midpoint of the season, I can not assist however observe that the writers have established a relationship theme, introducing new ones with every chapter whereas tipping their hats to ones with established histories.

Maggie - Good Omens Season 2 Episode 1

First, there’s Nina and Maggie within the not sure waters of early, not-even-real-friends-yet child steps. Nina’s acquired a poisonous associate to complicate issues, and Maggie’s insecurity holds her again.

Then, we meet Job and his household and witness his lost-in-translation relationship with God.

Right here, we see Elsbeth and Wee Moragh, two ladies simply making an attempt to outlive in a brutal world, caring for one another when caring for themselves is unattainable.

The worth of those relationships is inestimable.

A Visitation - Good Omens Season 2 Episode 2

Contemplate them compared to how the archangels deal with one another.

Whereas they’re skilled, they aren’t a cohesive and even pleasant staff. There is a energy wrestle in addition to preconceived expectations.

Shax and Beelzebub are simply as entrenched within the enterprise of Hell, striving for mission targets and making an attempt to impress their superiors.

This all leads again to Aziraphale and Crowley, in fact.

Demon & Angel - Good Omens

Their partnership is one among understanding and humor. Regardless of being so completely different in nature, they’re in sync relating to the bigger-picture targets.

It helps to have identified one another for the reason that daybreak of existence.

Crowley: I don’t understand how you lot have managed to remain in cost all this time.
Aziraphale: I’m undecided we’ve, have we?

Gabriel’s sudden second of prophecy is worrying.

Whereas he slips within the “Everyday” lyric, it is all fairly foreboding and smacks of one other end-of-days situation.

It is most likely too quickly for an additional Anti-Christ, so possibly they’re taking one other path to Revelation?

This Way Up - Good Omens

What are your ideas, Fanatics? Is Gabriel’s reminiscence loss a part of a nefarious scheme?

Will the Bentley ever get better from its journey with Aziraphale?

Does Shax have the ability to observe via on her menace to steer Hell’s drive in an assault on the bookshop?

Hit our feedback along with your predictions!

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