“He was under no circumstances held accountable.”

You notice Dakota Johnson and likewise you perhaps know that Johnson’s grandmother is legendary actor Tippi Hedren.

Two of Hedren’s most iconic performances have been in motion pictures directed by Alfred Hitchcock: Marnie and The Birds, significantly. In 2016, Hedren alleged that Hitchcock sexually assaulted her.

“I’ve under no circumstances gone into factor on this, and I under no circumstances will,” she wrote in her memoir Tippi from that 12 months. “I’ll merely say that he abruptly grabbed me and put his palms on me. It was sexual, it was perverse, and it was ugly, and I couldn’t have been further shocked and repulsed.”

All through a present look on The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast, Johnson claimed that the film director “ruined Hedren’s occupation on account of she didn’t have to sleep with him, and he terrorized her. He was under no circumstances held accountable.”

“It’s totally unacceptable for folk ready of vitality to wield that vitality over someone in a weaker place, whatever the commerce. It’s onerous to discuss on account of she’s my grandmother. You don’t want to consider anybody profiting from your grandmother.”

“I really feel the issue that she’s been so excellent for me and with my mother is moderately like, no you do not put up with that shit from anybody. She would say it in a way more eloquent method. She’s such a glamorous movie star, nonetheless.”

This isn’t the first time one in all Hedren’s family members have spoken about Hitchcock’s alleged assault.

In a dialog between Jamie Lee Curtis and Melanie Griffith for Interview, the latter actor, who’s Hedren’s daughter, said that Hitchcock “apparently was not excellent with my mom.”



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