It’s attention-grabbing to note that, of the ten episodes throughout the sequence, Cowboy Bebop Season 1 Episode 2 has the shortest run time at 37 minutes.

It moreover leaves Spike standing on a bomb set off on a ship stuffed with explosives.

So, by means of narrative choice, it leaves slightly lots to be desired. It’s a bit similar to the Empire Strikes Once more of the sequence. (Go ahead, battle me, Han Solo continues to be in carbonite. That movie should not be a complete story.)

However, “Venus Pop” provides a shipload of particulars on Spike’s backstory and introduces Ana, one different implausible female butt-kicker.

It seems acceptable that she greets Spike with a smack to the face. Spike wouldn’t seem to encourage warmth, fuzzy receptions in of us no matter his principally calm demeanor.

So what can we examine? Ana’s membership is neutral ground, so cops and criminals can dangle round collectively as long as they depart their conflicts on the door.

That being talked about, The Syndicate will not be exactly welcome, additional like tolerated.

Spike respects and cares for Ana.

Their relationship feels choose it has loads of historic previous, affection, and honesty.

Ana’s intelligent and isn’t shy about sharing what she is conscious of and making observations on what she sees.

Dying didn’t educate you that lying is not any approach to be?


We moreover examine that the blonde from Spike’s earlier was part of Ana’s establishment. Furthermore, Spike didn’t protect tabs on her after they parted strategies.

In any case, if he was presupposed to be lifeless, that isn’t too beautiful, significantly if she married Vicious, who sends assassins named Gunther after ghosts.

The other notion supplied proper right here is the world of The Syndicate.

Whatever the capacity Vicious wields, he options to The Elders, masked oligarchs of the authorized enterprise.

Although you wouldn’t perceive it till you activate the subtitles, The Elders all have names drawn from Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest.

I ponder if that denotes The Syndicate’s notion that they are an island in a storm or whether or not or not it foreshadows a “brave, new world” to come back again.

Moreover, the names The Elders use are Miranda, Prospero, and Caliban.

Miranda and Prospero make sense, being the protagonists of the play.

However, the Elder seated on the center throne of their viewers chamber is named Caliban, the deformed monster and villain of Shakespeare’s play.

Together with to the intimidation of the perform, emanating from Caliban’s masks is the unmistakable voice of John Noble. (He may even in the meanwhile be heard scaring the bejesus out of the heroes of Star Trek: Prodigy as The Diviner.)

The Elders’ demand that Vicious execute his partner as punishment for his unsanctioned Purple Eye endeavor is horrific.

Vicious pulling that set off is even worse.

Be conscious; Ana tells Spike that Julia is snug being married to Vicious.

If she was, I feel she will not be anymore.

We’d spend a LOT of time discussing the dysfunction embedded in Vicious’s conduct.

He’s extremely efficient and psychotic, certainly not an excellent combination. On the similar time, he’s enthralled by the necessity of The Elders and decided to look spectacular to Julia.

Ana’s presence and her membership’s neutrality might be the obvious connection between The Syndicate, Julia, and Vicious, and Spike Spiegel, as quickly as typically referred to as Fearless.

I predict that she’ll be instrumental in bridging Spike earlier and present.

As a membership proprietor that caters to such a cross-section of society, she’s constructed her vitality base on what of us reveal as soon as they’re at play.

My solely apprehension is that information sellers are solely as untouchable as of us contemplate they’re. Information wouldn’t immediately current shields or muscle or any tangible security.

As her front-of-house marketing consultant, Gren is clear and savvy, nonetheless can he defend along with he networks?

We should always all the time perhaps deal with the conclusion of the bomber bounty storyline.

For a narrative filled with extortion, interrogation, betrayal, resurrection, and misplaced loves, a bomber with a teddy bear obsession and a liking for pretty explosions is almost absurdly simplistic.

The investigation presents us many scenes the place Jet and Spike’s non-public factors seem to overtake their professionalism. First, with the foreman, then with Bomber Teddy, Jet’s Spidey-senses are tingling over Spike’s odd conduct, and that’s clouding his ability to focus on the enterprise at hand.

Even throughout the closing moments sooner than he boards the escape pod (now ceaselessly typically referred to as Ichabod), the look on his face implies that Spike’s false flag play is legendary if not known as out.

Secrets and techniques and methods have a method of getting out. Spike’s existence no matter Fearless’s demise is already an element. If Vicious continues to ship assassins after him, it is not going to be prolonged sooner than Jet catches on that Spike’s earlier will not be what he thinks it is.

There’s on a regular basis the chance that Jet has his private secrets and techniques and methods, nonetheless from all the sharing he’s carried out, he seems as if a fairly straightforward sort of man. Vicious, Julia, and Ana? All of them perhaps have mountains of skeletons of their respective closets, scrambling to get out.

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