Ultimate week, MTO Data was the first info provide on the planet to interrupt the knowledge that Alpo Martinez was gunned down in Harlem. Now we have now solely found that police think about they’ve captured his killer.And now we have now some notion, on the motive behind the killing of legendary Harlem drug provider as correctly.In keeping with MTO Data’ sources, it wasn’t Rich Porter’s people who killed him. Nor was it Domencio Benson’s, or Wayne Perry’s.The individual taken into custody for his murder wasn’t definitely one in all Alpo’s opps from Harlem, Brooklyn, or DC, cities of the extreme diploma sellers who Alpo snitched on – to get a lighter jail sentence.Lil Nas X’s BF Dishonest On Him w/ Woman . . . Appear On MAURY To Settle Paternity!!So what occurred? Successfully that is what MTO Data’ insider knowledgeable us:Po was once more inside the recreation selling dope. The baggies he threw out the window when he obtained shot have been testers. He was usually deciding on up $100,000 funds in Harlem and Brooklyn and was a plug .In keeping with our insider, Alpo was dwelling the similar life that he was dwelling once more inside the Nineteen Eighties, and 90s. And he had many in Harlem dwelling in concern.Po was pressing and backing down anyone who known as him a snitch. He would strain them to take images with him and even backed down some rappers.So how was he able to switch and shake in Harlem, after snitching on so many. Here’s what MTO Data’ insider outlined:A lot of the remaining avenue figures of that interval felt indebted and grateful that Alpo under no circumstances snitched on them they often vouched for him. Alpo knowledgeable the feds he would not hand over info on anyone from Harlem. Po was doing all this at 55. He was in fantastic kind and did not drink, smoke, or take drugs.So who killed Alpo?In keeping with MTO Data provide, police have taken an individual from the Bronx into custody and plan on charging him with Alpo’s demise. Police gathered surveillance footage from cameras near the scene, and declare that the images tie the murder to their suspect in custody.And the alleged killer’s motive? MTO Data found that, in response to the streets, Alpo had been sleeping with the 20-something 12 months earlier man’s girlfriend. And when the youthful man confronted Alpo about dishonest, Alpo allegedly slapped the individual.

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