The Drawback: All Stars 2 has reunited many former castmates and mates as a result of the OGs assembled in Cancun, Mexico, to have gratifying and compete for $500,000 in prize money.

Former Freeway Pointers star Sophia Pasquis was among the many many OGs who arrived for Season 2 after about 17 years away from The Drawback. She had a lot of of her Freeway Pointers castmates there alongside along with her and one different Freeway Pointers star who’d develop right into a pal.

Nonetheless, they’d a falling out in Episode 3, which led to some coldhearted gameplay from one explicit particular person in route of the other. Sophia has simply currently shared an exchange in regards to the place they stand following the season’s filming.

This report will embrace spoilers from The Drawback: All Stars 2, Episode 3, along with elimination outcomes.

Sophia and pal had falling out in All Stars 2, Episode 3

An early incident all through The Drawback: All Stars 2’s third episode involved mates Ayanna Mackins and Sophia Pasquis. A verbal altercation occurred when Ayanna had been serving to Sophia make her hair look greater ahead of the day’s filming.

Infrared footage from the mattress room revealed that Sophia grew to turn into triggered because of she didn’t identical to the kind of braid Ayanna did in her hair. Sophia talked about it reminded her of the way in which by which her hair was when she obtained bullied when youthful.

That led to an argument between them, with Ayanna leaving the room and Sophia turning into emotional. She was later comforted by castmate Jonna Mannion after the incident.

Sadly, points didn’t end there. The cast break up into two teams for the next every day drawback, with Sophia and Ayanna on the an identical workforce. Ayanna moreover grew to turn into the women’s advisor for her workforce.

No matter her workforce dropping the every day drawback to the opposing workforce, Ayanna was safe from elimination as a consequence of holding the Lifeshield she gained inside the earlier elimination. TJ instructed her workforce to determine on a woman from the workforce to trade Ayanna inside the upcoming elimination.

Ayanna talked about she’d take the burden off all people and shortly chosen Sophia to enter the elimination. It launched tears to Sophia’s eyes that her pal coldly made that decision, nevertheless she handled points gracefully and accepted going into elimination to compete.

She later went in the direction of Drawback legend Jodi Weatherton, a two-time champion who’d on no account really been in any eliminations all through her three seasons of MTV’s current. Jodi picked up the victory in Fireball, a fiery recreation of Tic Tac Toe, which launched Sophia’s season to an end.

Sophia lasted for merely three episodes of the spinoff and sadly wanted to bid farewell to loads of her earlier and new mates, who remained to compete for the $500,000 prize.

The incident involving her and Ayanna almost definitely appeared unresolved as Sophia exited. Nonetheless, Sophia simply currently commented in regards to the place points stand.

Sophia shares exchange following All Stars 2 filming

So, the place are Sophia Pasquis and Ayanna Mackins now by the use of their friendship? In response to Sophia, Ayanna has however to reach out to her after what occurred and might on no account accomplish that. In precise truth, they haven’t spoken given that All Stars 2 filming.

“That’s the ultimate time we ever spoke and I don’t foresee us speaking as soon as extra besides she reaches out to me. Nevertheless as far as on my end, I’m good. I’ve made peace with it. If she needs to talk about it, I’m open to it. In all probability. Nevertheless as of correct now, I’m okay. I be happy with what I did,” Sophia shared in an EW interview.

She revealed she was further upset about the way in which by which Ayanna handled points alongside along with her all through their incident in the middle of the All Stars 2 season.

“I was not mad about what she did. Nevertheless I didn’t respect and admire how she did it. I believed it was foul and it was chilly and it wasn’t cool. If you happen to’re who you say you is perhaps, you will need to have merely received right here to me and all this may need been resolved with a dialog nevertheless in its place, you set it inside the topic and in addition you carried out it out that technique. It was foul, man, and I don’t respect foul,” Sophia instructed EW.

Their falling out brings to ideas a few others that occurred between OGs in the middle of the primary season of the spinoff sequence.

In All Stars 1, arguments occurred between mates Katie Cooley and Trishelle Cannatella and Aneesa Ferreira and Jisela Delgado. Based on just a few of their suggestions after the season ended, these feuding mates are actually not speaking each.

Time will inform if Ayanna reaches out to Sophia to aim to fix their friendship or if these two OGs merely proceed dwelling the lives they’ve constructed since leaving actuality TV years prior to now.


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