'The Customer Is Always Wrong' Author Mimi Pond on Her Touching 1970s Memoir

The 1970s are drawing to a close, and Madge — cartoonist Mimi Pond’s alter ego from her semi-autobiographical graphic novel Over Easy — is thinking about her future, at the same time as Lazlo, her closest friend, is doing the same, for very different reasons.

The Customer Is Always Wrong sees Pond, the celebrated National Lampoon and Los Angeles Times cartoonist, return to the Imperial Cafe — her alternate version of Mama’s Royal Cafe, where she worked in her youth — for the second half of her fictionalized memoir, following on from the critically acclaimed 2014 Over Easy. With the book in stores this week, Heat Vision talked to Pond about revisiting the past, and turning it into art.

The Customer Is Always Wrong continues Madge’s story from 2014’s Over Easy, but it’s a book as…

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