Batman Writer Grant Morrison Unveils 'Arkham Asylum 2' Graphic Novel Plans

The title will be a sequel to the 1989 best-seller from DC.

Thursday’s DC: Meet the¬†Publishers panel at San Diego Comic-Con came with a surprise guest.

Grant Morrison showed up to not only tease the second volume in his Wonder Woman: Earth Two graphic novel series, but also to announce an entirely unexpected project: Arkham Asylum 2, a follow-up to his best-selling 1989 Batman graphic novel.

Explaining that he once joked that the idea of creating a sequel to the fan-favorite title was his personal “jumping the shark” moment, Morrison said that he decided to embrace the ludicrousness of the concept. “Let’s take that ‘jump the shark’ idea and do the best Batman book there’s ever been,” he said, describing the project as an over-the-top, Luc Besson-esque thriller that will take place…

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